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Voopoo Drag Nano 2 Pod Kit

by Voopoo
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The VooPoo Drag Nano 2 pod kit is one of the smallest and simplest vapes around, making it ideal for anyone from beginners to experts. It has a built-in 800mAh battery which is designed to last longer and means you won’t have to charge your kit as often. As well as having compatibility with VooPoo Vinci pods, you’ll find a compatible 0.8 Ohm and a 1.2 Ohm 2ml Drag Nano 2 pod with this kit. This means you can choose the one that you prefer. Plus, with an output range of 8 - 20W, you’ll always experience an MTL (Mouth To Lung) inhale.

The inhale activation feature makes vaping feel intuitive. All you need to do is inhale on the mouthpiece to vape. The Drag Nano 2 features only one button, so it is easier to use than many other kits. You’re able to decide between three power settings, which gives you a choice of maximum, medium or minimum vapour production, or if you prefer to let the device do the work, it also features a smart match function which will auto-detect the resistance of the pod and change the power output accordingly

Unlike the previous Drag Nano the Drag Nano 2 now features adjustable Airflow, simply slide the slider up and down to adjust the air to further fine-tune your vaping style and to suit your needs.

The latest addition in the Drag series of the Voopoo vape brand is a powerful and compact system featuring a wide range of features. So, whether you're a seasoned vaper looking for a reliable and versatile device or a newcomer to the vaping world looking for a user-friendly device that delivers great flavour and vapour production, the Voopoo Drag Nano 2 is an excellent choice.

The Drag Nano 2 will appeal to vapers of all experience levels with its unique combination of style, performance, and ease of use. From affordable pricing to its compatibility with various pods and tanks, you have every reason to taste and experiment with the Voopoo flavours in this device.

How to use the Voopoo Drag Nano 2

If you’re new to vaping or just need a reliable pod to satisfy your nicotine craves, the Drag Nano 2 is a straightforward device.

Here is a step-by-step guide to lead you on how best to use the vape pod for effective results.

How to fill the pod cartridge

Gently pull the pod cartridge out of the Drag Nano 2 device.

Look for the fill port on the pod cartridge's side, then use your thumb or fingernail to flip open the silicone cover that protects the fill port.

Carefully pour your e-liquid into the fill port. Be sure not to overfill the pod cartridge, which can cause leaks and affect performance. Once you've filled the pod cartridge to your desired level, close the silicone cover over the fill port.

Let the Pod Cartridge Rest: Before using the pod cartridge, give it a few minutes to allow the e-liquid to saturate the coil fully. Then, gently push the pod cartridge back into the device until it clicks into place.

How to install and replace the coil

Gently pull the pod cartridge out of the Drag Nano 2 device.

Locate the base of the pod cartridge and gently unscrew the old coil from it in a counterclockwise direction. Next, take your new coil and screw it into the base of the pod cartridge in a clockwise direction. Be sure to screw it in firmly, but don't overtighten it.

Prime your new coil before using it. Priming the coil is important for the best possible performance. So you can prime it by adding a few drops of e-liquid directly onto the exposed cotton. This will help to prevent a dry hit and extend the life of the coil.

Reinstall the Pod Cartridge by pushing the pod cartridge back into the device until it clicks into place.

Benefits of using the Voopoo Nano 2 device

In general, Voopoo vape products are designed for all types of vapers, but their benefits vary from one series to another.

Here are the amazing benefits of the Drag Nano 2 device:

Great Airflow Slider Adjustment

The airflow slider on the device allows you to adjust the amount of air that flows through the coil. This can help you to customise your vaping experience and find the perfect balance between flavour and vapour production. This is also one of the reasons the device is quite famous because of its difference from other models with airholes to regulate the airflow.

Small Comfortable Size

The Drag Nano 2 is a compact, lightweight device that is easy to carry around and comfortable to hold. It's perfect for vapers who want a device that can fit in their pocket or bag. This is most important for people who want to vape on the go.

Excellent Flavour and Vapour

The device uses high-quality coils that deliver excellent flavour and vapour production. This makes the Drag NANO 2 a great choice for vapers who want a satisfying vaping experience. It's also the best option for beginners to experiment with their most favourable flavours because of its consistent flavour and cloud production.

Perfect Range of MTL Air Settings

The Drag Nano 2 is designed for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, which is a style of vaping that is similar to smoking a traditional cigarette. The device has a range of MTL air settings, making it easy to find the perfect draw for your vaping style.

Variable Power Modes

The Voopoo Drag Nano 2 device has three power modes, 8W, 10W, and 12W, that allow you to adjust the wattage output to suit your vaping preferences. This makes the vape a versatile device that both new and experienced vapers can use.

Fast Charging

The vape device has a built-in 800mAh battery that can be charged quickly using the included USB-C cable. This makes it easy to keep the device charged and ready to use. You must, however, be cautious about using the device when charging. This can be quite risky, as well as potential damage to the vape's crucial components.

Sleek and Stylish

The Drag Nano 2 has a sleek and stylish design that will turn heads. It's available in various colours and finishes, so you can choose the best style. You must, however, be responsible for your vape and where you place it because it will also be attractive to kids and minors interested in discovering the mystery behind it. So, ensure its place is out of a kid’s reach.