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VYKO Paper Bar Disposable

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The Paper Bar is the first UK-made disposable that is constructed using paper!

The whole exterior shell can be recycled along with the silicone mouthpiece and bottom. It is a much more sustainable product than plastic disposables as it creates much less waste and helps reduce pollution.

Fitted with a 450mAh battery and filled with 2ml of delicious 20mg Salt E-Liquid, the Paper Bar will give you 800 puffs to enjoy.

What would you think of as an average puff output from a 450mAh disposable vape? Did you imagine a 500 or 600 hit count? Well, the Vyko paper bar is beyond your guess; this vape has a whooping 800 puffs count output from its average battery capacity! This is one amazing disposable bar you’ll want to always have in your pocket at all times. It’s also one you wouldn’t mind gifting anyone you care about and are concerned about their smoking habits.

The Vyko paper bar disposable vape has no big structural difference from other disposables. Vyko, too, has beautifully coloured plates matching with white mouthpiece parts. So, you can have any colour of your choice, from yellow, green, pink, and purple, among many others.

Do you value your surroundings? Did you know you can have a sustainable disposable vape? The Vyko paper bar vape makes the best vape for you. This vape's paper characteristic is sustainable enough to be used anywhere, so even when the e-juice is depleted, you don’t have to stress about how to dispose of it.

Features and Specifications of Vyko paper bar disposable

Vyko paper disposable vape meets all the UK’s vape requirements. The vape is your ideal, and health-certified vape pen. Other features you'll notice when using this disposable vape are:

The Vyko disposable vape has smooth sides with only airflow holes without activation buttons. Which means to fire the disposable vape; you'll need to draw air on the mouthpiece.

According to UK's Tobacco and Related Products Regulations,  the Vyko disposable vape features a 20mg nic strength. So, any flavour you choose comes with a 2% nicotine content.

Is the Vyko paper bar healthy?

Do you ever think about your health before taking that puff? Well, if you do, the Vyko disposable vape eases your worries. So, with this vape, you can drop your guard down.

Additionally, the paper plate on the Vyko disposable vape is easy to dispose of once your battery and e-juice run out. This means you won't worry about compromised quality factors in this disposable vape that can risk your health.

However, you must note that irresponsible vaping exposes you to different side effects that endanger your health. So, you ought to vape responsibly. Additionally, selling such vapes and other nicotine products to anyone under 18 years is highly prohibited.

Benefits of Using the Vyko Paper Bar

In addition to Vyko disposable vape's easy-to-recycle feature, you'll have many other benefits, including;


As much as vaping is fun and satisfying, when you start craving for the nicotine hits, nothing else satisfies the urge like having a plate you can carry with you anywhere. Vyko paper bar makes this a reality, so you can vape anywhere as long as it’s a vape-free zone.

Different Flavour options

Every vaper has its preferable flavour, so whether you need a watermelon taste or a grapefruit note, it is all available for you. The available flavour options also make it easy for new vapers to experiment and settle for what satiates them most. This is why you can’t afford to miss out on this new vaping product.


If you have smoked before, you definitely can’t compare a cigarette price with this vape product. The paper vape is very affordable and surprisingly gives you what you would have got from 2 or 3 cigarette packs. So choosing this disposable vape saves on your budget, allowing you to stock various flavours for your tastebuds.

Vyko paper bar flavour menu

Here is a chance for you to enjoy amazing disposable vape cocktails! Each flavour in the Vyko disposable vape comes with tasty fruity notes that will leave your mouth watering for more.

Kiwi passion guava

If you love exotic fruits, then this is the best e-juice for you! This e-liquid has a real kiwi flavour combined with passion fruit and guava. It tastes like real fruit juice from the first puff to the last one! The tobacco base adds depth to this amazing fruit blend so that you don’t get bored of vaping it all day long!

Cream Tobacco

The creamy tobacco is an amazing tobacco blend with caramel notes added to creamy vanilla and caramel undertones that make this e-liquid unique! This e-juice flavour tastes like fresh caramelised popcorn sprinkled with brown sugar making creamy tobacco perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Golden Pineapple

Golden Pineapple tastes just like its name suggests: fresh pineapple topped with whipped cream served over ice cubes. You’ll find yourself wanting to vape this flavour all day long!