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Top 10 Best Fruity Vape Juice Flavours

Your vaping experience relies on the flavour and quality of vape juice you find. With unlimited varieties and new ones being created every day, finding the right vape juice is no easy task.

For most vapers, it's a never-ending journey and endless tries of different blends from different manufacturers. But, this doesn't have to be your story. Sometimes, finding the best vape juice is about keeping things simple and going back to proven flavours.

Fruit infused vape juices have been a fan-favourite for the longest time. Not only do they have great flavours but, they are perfect for cloud chasers and their familiar flavours leave your tongue tingling and your taste buds wanting more.

Because of their popularity, different manufacturers have invested in research to create vape juices inspired by practically every fruit and berry. To keep things simple, we put together a list of the top 10 best fruit flavoured e-liquid that will add zest and blow up your vaping experience.

Countdown of the Top 10 Fruit E Juices


Pineapple flavoured vape juice brings the tropical blast right into your mouth. The blend of sweetness against a backdrop of tanginess makes it one of the most sort after and satisfying flavours on the market.

The unique taste and aroma of pineapple inspired e-liquids are not only preferred by vapers but by brewers as well. They are easy to pair and can come in limitless blends.

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Pineapple flavours can be blended with other fruits like peach or guava and also blend well with pastry flavours like cookies and dessert twists for vapers that prefer to have that creamy fill in their mouth.

With a full-bodied mouth feel and a refreshing inhale, fruity pineapple flavours are reminiscent of an evening in the Caribbean relaxing in a hammock while you watch the red hot rays of the sunset by the beach. 


Mango e-juices offer the best of all worlds. They have a sweet taste with a hint of tanginess and pack some creaminess that doesn’t overwhelm the mouth after an inhale. As popular as the fruit itself, this flavour is not only rich in taste but also in experience.

Mango flavoured e-juices are perfect for vapers looking for the Caribbean experience. They have a warm and fuzzy feeling to them that lights up your mouth and uplifts your mood.

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Like other fruity varieties, mango flavours are easy to blend. They can be paired with berries, creams, passion, and peaches.

No matter the blend, the subtle taste and smell of ripened yellow mangoes lingering in your mouth is bound to redefine your vaping experience and get you a new favourite fruit flavoured vape juice.


It’s impossible to have a fruity vape juice flavours list and not have apple. It might not be the most popular largely because of the sheer lack of sweetness but, it’s subtle sourness and aroma definitely earns it a spot in the hearts of many.

Because of their light consistency, apple flavours are not the only kind to your mouth but also to your device. They are perfect for sub-ohm devices and a favourite among cloud chasers.

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Apple flavours go well with other fruit varieties like pineapple and strawberries even though there are brewers that have pushed their limits with notable success and added blends of caramel and blackcurrant.

There’s an apparent lack of creaminess with apple flavoured vape juices but, it doesn’t take away from the legendary experience that this fruit flavoured vape juice has created.


The taste of succulent, red-blushed peaches is the secret behind this stand out vape juice flavour. It might not be the most sort after but, it has left quite the impression on vapers who cared to give peach flavours a try.

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It has a subtle, fresh taste to it that is kind to your taste buds and can be played around with to make it sweeter or sour depending on your preference.

Peach flavours are paired with lemonade, apricot, mango, raspberry and a few brewers have also tried to add in breakfast hints of pancake to give the flavour a more filling touch with aroma.


Were it not for the lack of a distinctive stand-alone flavour, watermelon vape juice would easily top the list. They are known for their subtle accents and because they don't have a unique taste, they are easily paired.

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Watermelon vape juices come in all types of blends from different manufacturers. Their strength lies in their diversity and ability to appeal to vapers looking for different experiences. With watermelon blends, you can have that Caribbean experience, a hot afternoon in the summer, and a breezy evening surrounded by nature kind of experience.

Whether you’re looking for an explosion of freshness in your mouth or a dash of sourness, the vast palette of watermelon blends will keep you hooked and interested.


One of the most popular fruit is also behind a top 10 fruit-flavoured vape juice. Known for its stunning look, succulence and an excellent balance in taste, orange flavoured e-liquids mimic the qualities of the fruit to give the vaper a refreshing, cool and thirst quenching experience.

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Orange inspired varieties are ideal for both experienced and beginner vapers. They come in diverse blends which makes it easier to pick what you prefer. Because of their immense popularity, you will find almost every brewer with an orange inspired vape juice.

They have also experimented and given birth to blends of orange and banana, passion fruit, lemon, and even more daring varieties of guava, and menthol all of which are bound to blow your mind and your taste buds.


Vapers who prefer to pass on the hard hits and flooding their mouths with freshness can settle for the cool and calming creamy feel of banana flavoured vape juices.

Unlike most fruits, banana varieties don’t have that tangy or sour taste that can overwhelm some of the vapers. Instead, they have a calming aroma and their simplicity makes them a must have for those days when all you want is to sit back and relax.

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You can pick from a variety of banana blends engineered to match your taste preference. The blends are mixed with fruit and a few carefully paired dessert varieties that will sweep you right off your feet.


Not every vaper is looking to fill their mouth with sweetness. Sometimes, flooding your tongue with a sourness that gets your salivary glands excited offers a more adventurous feeling.

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The beauty with lemon varieties and perhaps the reason why they are trendy is how easily they are to blend and how well they pair with other flavours.

They are paired with other fruits like watermelon, orange and peach and for some sweetness, they can be paired with custard, cream or fruits like strawberries.


The blend of sun-ripened strawberries fills your mouth after an inhale of strawberry inspired vape juice flavour. Perfect for vapers that are looking for subtle notes that are not overwhelming but roll out of the mouth and tongue, this variety of vape juice is wide sort and loved in equal measure.

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The popularity and affinity for the strawberry flavours is embodied in the number of manufacturers that have a strawberry flavour in their line-up. Virtually every vape juice brewer has a strawberry flavour.

The ease of blending them with other flavours like mango, ice cream, a variety of berries and even replicating different strawberry flavoured products like gum is what makes this flavour highly likeable.

Whether you’re an experienced vaper or a beginner trying to find your feet, strawberry flavours and their derivatives will definitely sweep you off your feet.


Not the most popular fruit or flavour but not any less interesting compared to the others. Pear flavours have a simple approach to them that does not overwhelm the vaper and they are great for cloud chasers.

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Because they don’t have a ‘brand’ taste of their own, they flawlessly mix with other flavours given them a broader and deeper experience without interfering with the balance. Because of the unique supporting cast qualities, peach flavours are revered by vapers and brewers alike.

Indulge yourself in pear vape juices like guava and pear blends, pear and caramel, blueberry and pear, and pear and raspberry among others.

You will rarely go wrong with fruit-based vape juices. They are rich in taste and pack different fascinating blends that will improve your vaping experience.  


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