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How Many Puffs are in a Geek Bar?

How Many Puffs are in a Geek Bar?

Geek Bar is huge. It is the largest disposable vape in the world. As a result, almost every new vaper wants to try out a Geek Bar. But, amazing as it is, the Geek Bar is faced with the same challenge faced by all the other disposable vapes – they are not refillable, meaning vapers need to plan ahead of time to avoid running out of vape juice before having a backup. To help with planning, you will need to know how long your vape will last and how many puffs the Geek Bar has.

Factors that Affect How many Puffs You Get From a Geek Bar

Most Geek Bars come with a solid number of puffs you can expect from the device. But these figures aren't clear because they overlook various factors that will affect the number of actual puffs you will get from the device, like:

The capacity of the Geek Bar

Geek Bars come in three varieties; there's Geek Bar Lite, Geek Bar and Geek Bar Pro. Although the Geek Bar Pro is illegal in the UK, it's not unheard of for people to find ways of sneaking into the device. The most noteworthy feature of the three types of Geek Bars is the difference in capacities. Each of the devices has different e-liquid capacities, which has a massive effect on how long the device will last.

The Geek Bar Pro is the largest of the three. With all factors constant, it will give you the most puffs, and the Geek Bar Lite will give you the least.


Because Geek Bars come with a pre-charged battery that you can’t recharge, the battery could also affect how many puffs you get from the device before the battery runs out. Usually, the battery is calibrated to run out at almost the same time as the e-liquid allowing you to make the most out of your Geek Bar disposable vape. But it is not unusual for the battery to run out before the vape juice.

Nicotine concentration

Nicotine concentration is a crucial factor to consider, especially for vapers who are former smokers and are transitioning. If you don't find a Geek Bar with the right nicotine concentration, it will struggle to satisfy your nicotine cravings. Devices with low nicotine concentration will force you to take longer draws to achieve the ideal throat hit, and devices with too much nicotine will force you to take short draws to avoid overstimulating your throat.

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Choosing a Geek Bar with the right nicotine concentration gives you the right hit, maximising the length of the draw and the longevity of the bar.

Your vaping style

How you vape will also affect how long your disposable vape lasts. For frequent vapers that take long draws, the Geek Bar will most likely last less for less than the indicated number of puffs. Casual vapers with short and quick draws will likely get more puffs than indicated on the disposable vape.

How Many Puffs Are in a Geek Bar?

Geek Bar offers three types of disposable vapes. Only two are legal in the UK; the Geek Bar and the Geek Bar Lite. The third is the Geek Bar Pro.

Geek Bar Lite

The Geek Bar Lite is the smallest of the bunch. It comes with a 350mAh battery and 2% nic salt e-liquid. It averages about 400 puffs for average vapers and comes in a multitude of flavours. The Geek Bar Lite is perfect for new vapers with low nicotine needs.

Geek Bar

This is the most popular type of Geek Bar on the market. It packs a decent 575 puffs on average. It is paired with a 500mAh battery and 2.4ml of non-TPD or 2ml of TPD vape liquid. The e-liquid strength of the device varies depending on your choice. You can choose 5% non-TPD or 2% TPD of salt e-liquid.

Geek Bar Pro

The Geek Bar Pro is a beast that delivers up to 1500 puffs but is only available in North America because it contravenes all the TPD regulations in the UK. It has an 850mAh battery with a 4.5ml capacity and 5% nic-salt capacity.

Notice how the number of puffs in each device affects the battery and e-liquid capacity of the device. The higher the number of puffs, the larger the Geek Bar and the larger the battery.

How Do You Know When a Geek Bar Runs Out?

With constant vaping, your Geek Bar should last between 1-3 days. It could be longer, depending on your vaping tendencies and the type of Geek Bar you have. However, knowing how many puffs are in a Geek Bar or how long it will last is not enough. Based on the factors above, your Geek Bar could run out sooner than expected. So how you do you know when it's time to get another Geek Bar?

Geek Bars have an LED at the bottom of the device that flashes when the device is running out of battery. The way the device is designed, if the battery is running out, the vape liquid is not far behind. The other method of telling your Geek Bar has run out is if the device tastes burnt. It means the device still has a charge, but the liquid has run out. You will also not be able to puff anything out.

To avoid spending a few days without a vape, you should always purchase several Geek Bars and have a spare with you at all times. It will ensure when your current bar runs out, you can quickly switch to the next one.

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