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How Many Cigarettes are in an Elf Bar? - Flawless Vape Shop

How Many Cigarettes are in an Elf Bar?

Disposable vapes like Elf Bars have enjoyed a lot of success recently because of their many benefits. Most vapers reckon they are cheaper than cigarettes which have been a driving force for many vapers transitioning from cigarettes to vapers to save money while still enjoying the same quality experience.

Although you can’t compare the price of cigarettes to the price of an Elf Bar, you can compare the two to determine how cigarettes are in an Elf Bar and do the math to figure out if Elf Bars are actually cheaper than cigarettes.

How Many Cigarettes Are in An Elf Bar?

A typical Elf Bar is equivalent to around 48 cigarettes. If you want to be more detailed, two milligrams of nicotine salt is the same as 20 milligrams in traditional cigarettes. Typically, that means you need to vape a lot less in an Elf Bar to get to your daily nicotine intake.

How Many Cigarettes Are In An Elf Bar 600?

Just to be clear, all reference is in respect to the 20mg nicotine strength variant here, also called the 20mg/ml nicotine strength.

For the avoidance of doubt, Elf Bars come in 0mg, 10mg, and 20mg nicotine strengths. A single Elf Bar 600 is equal to 48 cigarettes. Although surprising at first glance, the information is not as surprising as most people put it.

For starters, Elf Bars don’t contain the tar, carbon monoxide, and other carcinogenic substances that cigarettes have. Just some good old nicotine. 

Saying the Elf Bar is equal to 48 cigarettes actually means that an Elf Bar contains the same nicotine dosage as 48 cigarettes. This concentration of nicotine is evenly spread out across the 600 puffs that the Elf Bar 600 delivers.

How Many Puffs of an Elf Bar Equal a Cigarette?

Perhaps the more accurate question to help you understand how Elf Bars and cigarettes relate would be to ask how many puffs of an Elf Bar equal a cigarette.

Supposing your Elf Bar lasts the full 600 puffs, which roughly equals 48 cigarettes, that means that every 12.5 puffs should be equal to one cigarette. Once more, the maths is not as straightforward as you would think. In place of the freebase nicotine found in cigarettes, Elf Bars have salt nicotine which is a faster way of satisfying your nicotine craving because salt nicotine has a slower absorption time into the bloodstream. Another factor to consider is salt nicotine is more concentrated than freebase nicotine, meaning you only need a fraction of it to satisfy your cravings.

That means you won’t need to take all the 12.5 puffs to experience the same effect you would by smoking an entire cigarette.

How Many Cigarettes are in a 3500 Elf Bar?

3500 Elf Bars are illegal for sale in the UK because they contain nicotine in an e-liquid capacity that is over 2ml. However, for the sake of comparison, the 3500 Elf Bar may equal up to 280 cigarettes.

Reasons Why Elf Bars are Better than Cigarettes

 If you’re still sitting on the fence on whether to continue smoking cigarettes or transition to vaping Elf Bars, here are several reasons to help you make the right choice:

Elf Bars are cheaper

Smoking is not only unhealthy but also expensive. For chain smokers, it’s possible to spend several pounds a day on cigarettes. On average, an Elf Bar costs £5 and will outlast two full packs of cigarettes which cost £10 a pack.

It is safer

Cigarettes have received a lot of backlash because of the unhealthy by-products the combustion of cigarettes produces. Smoking cigarettes produces carbon monoxide, tar, and numerous carcinogenic by-products. Elf bars don’t contain anywhere close to the 7,000 identified chemicals found in tobacco and deliver nearly the same pleasure a cigarette does without the added risks.

Elf Bars are more convenient

Vaping, in general, is more convenient than smoking. With Elf Bars, you don't have to carry a large box of cigarettes and a box of matches with you for a smoke. You also don't have to pull out a stick to smoke. All you have to do is pull your Elf Bar out of your pocket and start inhaling. Everything is ready to go out of the package.

Elf Bars Vs Cigarettes: Which is Better?

Your choice to keep smoking or move on to Elf Bars boils down to which one is better for your health and finances. In all aspects, Elf Bars are the safer option.

Elf Bars are essentially electronic cigarettes, commonly referred to as vapes. They have a heating element that heats the liquid until it vaporises to be inhaled. The liquid contains nicotine which is the active ingredient in cigarettes and also in Elf Bars. However, the bars don't contain tobacco which is the compound that makes smoking cigarettes harmful.

Unlike smoking which burns all the materials producing dangerous by-products like carbon monoxide and tar, vaporisers don't combust the liquid inside the Elf Bar. Instead, it heats it to just under its boiling point. So instead of producing smoke, it produces vapour that doesn't contain the same by-products that cigarette smoke contains. 

Also, vapes don’t pack the same characteristic smell of tobacco that comes with smoking cigarettes. In fact, most Elf Bars have a nice smell that can easily pass as a fancy new perfume for closet smokers.

There's no doubt an Elf Bar will easily satisfy your nicotine cravings quickly and more efficiently. Elf Bars are also more affordable and don't produce by-products like cigarettes.

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