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How to Update Firmware on Your Vape Mod? - Flawless Vape Shop

How to Update Firmware on Your Vape Mod?

Many of the top vape mod brands advertise their products with upgradeable software – much like smartphones or PCs. You may be wondering what this is, what it means for you, and why it even matters. Well, the general idea of firmware upgrades across the board is that the device isn’t limited to the hardware it has. Instead, the device can keep up with tech changes through software downloads from its manufacturer. These new software downloads aren’t entirely new but possess bits of new features that make the overall mod better in performance. 

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Many of the mods in the market have mini-USB ports and come inclusive of cables you can use to attach the mod to your PC or desktop for a firmware update. On the other and, some mods use Bluetooth tech to manage the updates. Below is a simple guide that shows you how easy it is to install the updates on any device. 

Updating using a USB Cable

This is by far the simplest way to update your mod. It is primarily because the mod is charging during the update. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that your mod will die mid-update. Also, a USB connection creates what techies call a hard connection. You will not have to struggle to find a connection to complete the update.

So what’s the process?

The first step is visiting the manufacturer’s website and downloading any program or application designed explicitly for your mod. To avoid confusion, most manufacturers prefer using special programs to facilitate updates. Once you find the program, download and install it on your PC.

The next step is finding the latest firmware update for your mod, downloading and saving it on your PC (preferably on your desktop where it’s easy to find later).

For some products including Pioneer4You, the piece of software you download will open up a home menu that will inspect your connection before the process starts. Check the instruction manual to confirm whether the batteries need to be on or not. For instance, the Pioneer4You IPV4 needs its batteries removed before the process starts.

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Once you plug in your mod to the PC through the USB, the upgrade software will detect the device and display some basic information about the mod including the firmware version you currently have installed.

Next, click on ‘UPGRADE’. A new box will pop up, allowing you to choose a firmware file that you want to upgrade to. Now, remember where you saved the firmware file? Navigate to that location on your PC and select the firmware file. Click on the update or open. Immediately, the update process will start. This will be indicated by a progress bar.

Once it’s finished, you’ll get an alert that the firmware update is complete. Now you can exit the program and disconnect your device. If you removed the batteries, reinstall them and turn your device on and enjoy the new features.

Bluetooth option

For Bluetooth updating, the process is slightly different. But this doesn’t mean it’s complicated. It’s a straightforward process, especially if you can follow simple instructions. But if you choose to use Bluetooth, you should ensure the device is fully charged. 

Bluetooth connections drain batteries fast. And if it dies before the update is complete, you may run into problems.  

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Upgrading your mod sounds complicated, but most of the process is automated, and the manufacturer offers a guide for it. So if anything is different or your mod, it will be captured in the manual.

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