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IQOS vs Vape

Tobacco usage, especially through smoking, is a global epidemic leading to over 1 million deaths yearly. This means any feasible alternative that can reduce smoking will help save lots of lives. IQOS and Vape devices are among the many smoking alternatives continually gaining popularity among tobacco users.

Although the two operate differently based on different mechanisms and technologies, they enable their users to make informed decisions. This is based on anyone's preferences and needs, considering the different features and considerations that set them apart.

Read on to learn about the heat-not-burn technology and the various e-liquids involved as you explore the IQOS and Vapes worlds.

Technical Concept Behind IQOS

IQOS is a Philip Morris innovated tobacco heating system based on a heat-not-burn technology. Although there are different IQOS models, the main aim is to provide a tobacco experience without the potentially harmful chemicals in smoking.

With the experience, the relative IQOS device is expected to maintain the tobacco taste and satisfaction just as one would get with smoking. However, the IQOS manufacturers introduce various tobacco flavours to ensure the users are not bored with the same taste.

Instead, the device’s manufacturers offer IQOS users a chance to experiment with different flavours, enhancing the overall experience.

With the heat-not-burn system, IQOS  devices use heated tobacco heat sticks instead of burning like cigarettes. The heating is, however, controlled to an optimal temperature where the heat sticks produce nicotine and flavoured vapours without smoke or ash.

Controlled heating is the main process in IQOS devices as it helps reduce exposure to harmful chemicals often present in cigarette smoke.

The added flavours come blended in the tobacco heat sticks (HEETS), ensuring its users have various taste profiles. Whether you need smooth, balanced, strong, intense flavours or refreshing minty tastes, they are all available with IQOS HEETS.

Exploring Vape Devices

 Vape devices are useful in heating and vaporising e-liquid formulations that often contain vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, nicotine and many other flavourings. However, there are also nicotine-free e-liquids, especially best for novice vapers who don’t know where to start with nicotine.

Vapes are designed to offer smoking alternatives by providing a vapour form of nicotine and various flavours infused with tobacco products.

Typically vaping devices operate by heating the e-liquid using a carefully structured heating element in the atomiser.  Once the e-liquid comes into contact with the coil, it vaporises, creating a flavoured vapour that the user inhales.

However, it is important to note that despite being a smoking alternative, irresponsible usage of vaping devices may lead to nicotine addiction. Additionally, different countries have various laws that regulate the availability and accessibility of vapes.

Vape devices are also available in different types, from manually refillable systems to prefilled disposables. The vape manufacturers also offer their users various flavour ranges to enhance their experience.

Additionally, while there are nicotine-free e-liquids for vape devices, you can also have different nicotine strengths from 10mg to 50mg, depending on your jurisdiction. Most countries, such as the US and UK, limit maximum nicotine strengths to 20mg.

How Does IQOS Compare with Vapes?

IQOS and Vapes are both smoking alternatives that deliver nicotine to the users. However, the two have several differences and similarities based on the following factors:

General Design and Form

While IQOS has a more like cigarette design with holders and pocket chargers that resemble pocket cases, vape devices come in various shapes and designs. You can have different vape designs that appeal to you, from large box mods to small pen-style designs. The vapes often have various customisable options for mouthpieces, coils and tanks to enhance the users' experience. On the other hand, certain IQOS models, such as the IQOS Originals Duo, offer prolonged and stress-free experiences without interrupted charging sessions.

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Nicotine Delivery

Vape devices deliver nicotine through the heated and vapourised e-liquid. IQOS uses Tobacco heat sticks to release nicotine vapour. While in vapes, the e-liquid is heated to vaporise, IQOL devices control-heat the HEETS instead of burning them as in cigarettes. Both ways end up reducing exposure to harmful chemicals compared to what traditional smokers inhale from the partial combustion that releases carbon monoxide gas.

Heating Mechanisms and Components

IQOS and vapes incorporate different heating technologies to operate effectively. While IQOS uses the heat-not-burn, technology vapes use the electronic heating elements that vapourise the e-liquids.

The key component that helps realise IQOS objectives is a specially designed blade that cuts through the tobacco stick to expose a large surface area of the HEETS to the heating element. While facilitating an efficient and consistent heating procedure, the blade system ensures the IQOS HEETS are heated to release nicotine without combustion.

On a vape device, the crucial components involved in the heating and vaporisation are the heating vape coil, e-liquid, as well as the battery and its circuitry. The heating coil is made of kanthal, a resistance wire that turns the e-liquid into vapour. In contrast, the e-liquid comes formulated with a blend of Vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, nicotine and other flavourings.

Flavour Options

Vapes come in a huge range of flavour options that vary depending on specific brands. Vapers, however, can flexibly mix and match e-liquids to get unique combinations by using specific tanks or pods. Additionally, vapes guarantee its users various adjustable settings to fine-tune the overall experience for desired vapour production, flavours, and throat hit experience.

IQOS devices offer a limited range of flavoured HEETS. Although the users may choose different flavoured tobacco heat sticks, they are limited from setting customised features to achieve certain desired options. However, it is essential to note the available HEETS flavours may also vary depending on your jurisdiction.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

IQOS and vape devices differ in their cleaning requirements because of their distinct heating mechanisms. However, they both need regular cleaning to maintain their optimal functionalities. Here is how they compare when it comes to cleaning:

IQOS devices need regular cleaning of the holder and all its contact points while also ensuring regular charging of the pocket charger. The latter ensures the device’s battery remains uninterrupted to prolong its usage. Replacing components such as the holder’s sealing cap and any replaceable parts that may wear out is also necessary.

Vape devices require periodic tank cleaning, replacement of the coils, proper battery maintenance, and correct e-liquid management to maintain flavour and consistency.


The choice between vapes and IQOS depends on individual preferences, desired nicotine delivery, and personal health considerations. Although both methods provide nicotine, you must choose the best and most applicable alternative based on your circumstances. You must, however, approach each of these alternatives with caution.

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