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As the tobacco market grows, there need to be cheaper and less harmful alternatives to consuming nicotine. Smoking was the way initially, but its increased health risks are too alarming.

How about IQOS and JUUL? Would they match as the best alternatives?

Read on to learn how the two compare, from their benefits to potential considerations that will help you make valuable decisions about consuming tobacco.

IQOS, the Heat-not-burn Device

IQOS is a Philip Morris innovative device aiming to provide the best smoking alternative without the associated harm. Unlike conventional cigarettes that burn tobacco, IQOS devices heat tobacco rolled in HEETS.

Through a controlled heating process, the heated tobacco in IQOS produces nicotine-infused vapour without smoke frequently seen with cigarettes.

IQOS devices consist of the tobacco heat stick, the holder and the pocket charger.

To use the device,

The user recharges the holder to full capacity and then inserts a HEET. In the holder is a blade, which doubles as a heating element. The blade cuts through a considerable part of the heat stick to increase the surface area for heating.

Activate the device by pressing and holding the control button until the holder vibrates twice. The vibration signals start the heating process, which lasts about 20 seconds.

At this point, you’ll notice the blinking lights are now steady. This means you are free to enjoy the smooth nicotine throat hits. Towards the end of the session, the unit vibrates again, and the lights on the holder blink afresh, meaning you only have 2 puffs left of the 14 puffs in IQOS HEETS.

A Glimpse of JUUL the E-cigarette

JUUL is a sleek, discreet and compact device that vaporises nicotine-infused e-liquids. The device enjoys massive popularity for its discreet design resembling a USB- flash drive.

The e-cigarette is quite straightforward to use as vapers must inhale on its mouthpiece without pressing any buttons.

The main idea behind JUUL’s manufacture is to present a potentially-reduced harm alternative that will save smokers from cigarette usage. However, JUUL is also not entirely safe and has ongoing research to study its capabilities fully.

To use JUUL,

Firstly ensure the device is fully charged using the specified charger from the manufacturer. Then remove the protective cap from a prefilled pod and insert it into the device.

Take a gentle and steady puff from the mouthpiece to activate the device. Once activated, the JUUL will automatically deliver vapourised e-liquid.

Rember to tap on the device occasionally after several puffs to check the battery status. Recharge when necessary and enjoy the nicotine-infused vapour.

How Does IQOS Compare with JUUL?

Each of these devices offers different approaches to nicotine consumption. So when comparing IQOS and JUUL, different factors determine and influence the overall user experience of each device. Here are some major features to help guide on which is the most appropriate device between the two:

Nicotine Delivery

IQOS heats and prepares the tobacco heat sticks for nicotine delivery. The vapourised nicotine is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream as soon as the user inhales.

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When you inhale on a JUUL mouthpiece, the device is automatically activated. It then preheats the available nicotine-infused e-liquid and releases vapour. Once inhaled, the nicotine in the vapour is absorbed through your respiratory tissues.

User Experience

IQOS is carefully designed to provide a similar hand-to-mouth experience and many other aspects, such as familiar tobacco flavour profiles.

JUUL, on the other hand, comes in a discreet design that enhances the overall user experience. The small and discreet feature means you can secretly take your vape in public places without drawing attention to you. However, be careful about taking your puffs from vaping and smoking prohibited zones.


IQOS boasts of its heating elements that warm tobacco sticks to release nicotine without burning the tobacco sticks.

JUUL also features a heating coil that vapourises e-liquids to deliver nicotine infused-vapour without the relative smoking byproducts.

Flavour Options

IQOS and JUUL come with a wide range of flavours catering to their users' different taste preferences. While IQOS has flavours such as HEETS Bronze and HEETS Amber, JUUL has varieties including JUUL Alpine Berry, Mango Nectar, etc.

Operating Technology

For precise heating within the desired temperature, IQOS uses advanced Heat Control Technology. The precise and regulated heating ensures a maintained consistent temperature guarantees an optimised vapour production.

JUUL is activated by inhaling on the mouthpiece, starting the heating and vaporisation process.

Tobacco Products Used

IQOS uses Tobacco heat sticks which are predesigned specifically for nicotine vaporisation. However, you cannot use the IQOS HEETS on other devices as they are designed to work together for the desired benefits.

JUUL works with prefilled pods that have nicotine-infused e-liquids. The e-liquids formulation consists of different nicotine strengths, various flavourings, and Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol.

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Health and Safety Considerations

While working on choosing the best nicotine consumption option, you have to consider several significant factors.

These health factors include:

Nicotine Addiction

Although IQOS and JUUL are among the best smoking alternatives, remember these devices contain nicotine. This is an addictive substance that can lead to different health complications in addition to creating tobacco dependency.

Youth Appeal

IQOS and JUUL  brands are known for using their sleek and compact designs as well as many other aggressive strategies to market their products. With the increased youthful addiction to nicotine, some underage teens may get exposed to these devices, affecting their overall health or impairing their cognitive functions.

It’s therefore important to avoid nicotine and other tobacco product initiations among the youth. The device's designs might appeal to teens, especially adolescents, but you should handle the device responsibly.

Possible Health Effects

Each of these devices features heating in their vapourisation techniques. This means as much as heating reduces temperatures from burning tobacco, it has certain slight exposure to harmful chemicals.

However, this is at a reduced rate that does not compare to smoking. It means extended device usage might create possible illnesses in the long run. This is, however, not a proven theory, as more research is ongoing regarding the health effects of heating tobacco.


Making the best ultimate decision involves careful consideration of each device, its benefits and possible effects. Depending on individual needs and concerns about smoking, you should consult a professional healthcare provider before making your final choice.

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