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Why is my Disposable Blinking?

You noticed your disposable vape blinking. In your mind, I just got this; what is happening? This device is still new; why is it blinking? It even crossed your mind to call customer care. Just relax, that feeling is familiar.

The worst is if it is your first time using the device, but since you remain calm and decide to know what's wrong, keep reading as we provide an answer to your question.

What you should know

It is the mode of industries producing disposable products to put an indicator permanently. This indicator is programmed for your ease, it is fixed to know the condition of your device each time It also indicates when your device is switched on, when your battery is running low, and helps you know when exactly you need to charge your device.

Without the indicator, the device can stop working when needed most. Imagine taking your device out to use while on a picnic to find out it's not working because you didn't know it needed to be charged; that's terrible, right? That's what the indicator helps you to avoid.

We have discussed the indicator, but you felt that's not what you need presently. It's always good to put the horse before the cart. We are not through yet; let's dive deeper.

The question in your mind is about to be answered. Why is your disposable blinking?

Reasons for blinking disposable

In most cases, what causes the blinking is a low battery. The indicator lets you know that your device is discharged and the battery is down.

What do you do? Plug it into a wall socket with its power cable, then try again when the battery is full. You will notice that the indicator won't blink any longer.

However, have you tried this but noticed the indicator is still blinking? Then the problem is not a low battery, and it's probably a malfunction.

Malfunctioning may be a faulty battery. The battery that comes with your device might be weak. Weakness of the battery occurs due to frequent charging. Does that mean you should not charge? Of course Not.

Cell batteries weaken as you charge and use them. Don't be annoyed with that, and it's how all cell batteries work, even though some last longer. Also, exposure of the battery to direct sunlight affects the battery's lifespan.

What should you do in this case?

It would be good to change the battery or completely change the device to a new one. You can always get batteries or a complete device to give you a better experience.

However, if your device is still new and you notice your battery can't charge anymore, there are two possible reasons: the battery thread is dirty, or the battery is defective.

Do these:

Clean the battery


Disconnect the battery from the device, take cotton and rub it in a circular motion over the battery terminal. Remove any deposits using the cotton swab. To make sure the battery is completely clean, lightly dip the cotton in water.

Then blow the battery terminal to be sure to remove any residue. Now put back the clean battery into your device. After following this step, you notice it's still not responding; you need to contact customer care.

Note that you should do this only if your device is still new.

What can you do to make your disposable last longer? Don't pull your vape immediately after a section.  This is another common problem: your device indicator starts flashing because the coil doesn't have time to cool down between puffs.

It is generally considered necessary to pause 15 to 20 seconds after having used your device.

Also, clean your disposables

Dirt in disposable can be the cause of many malfunctions. Dirt prevents the proper functioning of your device, and it can cause a blockage where your device should be free.

We suggest you  dismantle  and clean it regularly, at least once a week. Thoroughly clean your thread, and make sure that your battery no longer holds a residue. Moreover, if you notice a drop of your ingredient has not flowed onto your vape, it can cause a bad contact between your battery and the clearomizer. Use a paper towel to soak up excess liquid.

What else to consider to fix your device instead of contacting customer care?

You have tried everything to prevent your disposable blinking; your specialist dealer remains the best contact. He will examine your electronic cigarette and may detect a fault that you could have missed.

Depending on the case, it will be possible to stop the blinking in your vape by replacing or repairing the malfunctioning part. If the repair proves impossible or too expensive, you will have to consider changing.

Your disposable blinking is not a cause for alarm, apply the above instruction, and you will be good to go.


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