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How Much Nicotine is in a Geek Bar?

Have you ever thought about how much nicotine is in a geek bar? But you are yet to get an answer to that thought. In this post, the answer to that question will be answered.

A quick guess; you are worried about how the media have been transmitting the news of nicotine in geek bars. You start to doubt if geek bars are better and less harmful than cigarettes, as you have been told before you became a fan of geek bars.

Beek bar and nicotine

Let's talk more about geek bars and nicotine. Geek bar is a vaping product that is manufactured by the GeekVape industry, which has been the best and most trustworthy since they arrived in the vaping industry.

They have maintained the standard and also keep getting better by introducing advanced vaping products to the market. They are of high reputation and are more concerned about quality than price.

They have made it so cheap that no one would have an excuse not to use geek bars which gives the best smoking experience accompanied with less harm than ordinary cigarettes.

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With this low price, there are many mind-blowing features geek bars have that have made them the best always. Here are a few features you should know. They produce about 20 flavours for you to choose from. The production of different flavours is the best you can get for your taste bud to experience vaping the way it would enjoy it.

Geek bars are made tiny so that they can be mobile. You can quickly put it in your pocket while going out. This makes you have your vaping experience wherever you go, interesting, right? Geek vape also has a battery capacity of 500mAh, making you use them for a more extended period.

Imagine having a vaping device that can produce up to 500-600 puffs at a go; that's what you get from geek bars.

TPD and EU Rules

As we have discussed earlier, the GeekVape industry is one of the vaping industries. However, it is impossible to have industries of the same kinds and not have a rule that guides the body. TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) is a body recognized and empowered by the European Union to carry out investigations on every vaping product. This is to ensure the safety of consumers.

Here are rules which the Tobacco Product Directive uses to regulate vaping products:

  • The tank's capacity should not be more than 2ml.
  • A nicotine warning sticker must be placed on the tank. This is to ensure that users are aware of the presence of nicotine in the geek bars.
  • The bottle must not be more than 10ml. This might be a pain to users because you will spend more time refilling, but this purpose is to limit smoking.
  • The strength of the nicotine added must not exceed 20 mg/mL.
  • The bottle cap must be childproof with nozzles that limit the flow of the liquid. Children are fond of playing with anything they see, they can even go to the extent of putting it in their mouth, but this ensures the safety of children.
  • The pack should consist of leaflets with information and warning about vapes.

Without any further delay, let's go straight to the question. How much nicotine is in geek bars?

So much much Nicotine is inside?

Nicotine is the main active ingredient in the tobacco plant, and it is a neurotoxin that the tobacco plant produces to protect itself from pests. Nicotine is one of the fastest-acting substances, reaching the brain in seven to ten seconds.

The problem with nicotine is that the body gets addicted to it if taken in large amounts.  The cause of this addiction is the formation of tolerance, which the body produces when nicotine is heavily used. This situation is considered a component of the development of addiction to smoking.

However, the 20 mg per mL standard rule made by the Tobacco Product Directive has curbed this effect and made it minimal.

This rule answers our question of how much nicotine is present in geek bars; 20 mg/mL, i.e. in a bottle of 1 mL, the nicotine present is 20mg; moreover, in a bottle of 2mL, the nicotine present will be 40mg.

With GeekVape, be rest assured that all these rules are followed. To ensure this is true, check the varieties of geek bars in their store, the standard, the lite, and the pro geek bars.

The standard and the lite geek bars are made in compliance with the TPD rule. However, you might find out the pro is not so. The pro is made for countries whose regulation differs from others.

What does this ean? What it means is that there are some countries whose regulation permits a little bit higher nicotine in vaping products. The media got it wrong to compare ordinary cigarettes to geek bars. However, you would have realized how much nicotine is in a geek bar by now. You can now enjoy your vaping with a free mind.

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