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Naked 100 was previously part of The Schwartz E-Liquid Group. They seem to have taken some good lessons from their time with the company and now, they are one of the most reputable vape juice companies in the US and UK.

They have surpassed the Schwartz in the number of flavours and sales and given their flavour profile, it's easy to see why they have enjoyed such a steady growth.

Most e-juice mixers believe in complexity. They go for exotic fruits and throw in a few impressive sounding ingredients and package the juice up in a pretentious description that will have your taste buds buzzing and charge you a hefty amount.

Luckily, Naked 100 has taken the high road. Their juices are simple, clean and the ingredients are not extraneous. Their goal is to provide all vapers with a hard-hitting delicious and cloud-filled vape juice that will have them hooked without the confusing language or ingredients. ...

Quality Tested Juices

You've probably heard of the saying the best gifts come in small packages. It is a saying that perfectly resonates with Naked 100. Their juices come in small 50ml bottles with a minimalist design and labelling aimed at placing the focus on the taste and quality of the e-liquid and not the appearance or quantity.

To give you a good hit of flavour the company has all their juices produced with a PG to VG ratio of 70:30 to keep the flavour and the clouds well balanced.

Even though you might be limited on the PG/VG ratio, the same is not the case for the flavours. The company has invested in a wide variety of flavours ranging from the fruity flavours of apple, berry and mango to the harder hitting varieties of menthol. If you prefer something a little mellow and calming to your palette, the cream and coconut varieties are a perfect fit.

To guarantee an excellent experience, all juices from Naked 100 are carefully tested. At Flawless Vape Shop, we make sure of this, so quality is not compromised. We value the trust our clients have in us and we endeavour to make sure we offer you the best possible experience with a wide range of quality and tested juices from Naked 100.

UK’s Leading Vape Distributor

At Flawless Vape Shop, we pride ourselves in being one of the leading vape hardware and e-juice distributors in the UK. We have painstakingly built our business based on trust, honesty and diversity. Our goal is always to meet the needs of our clients and retailers.

Being a leading distributor, you will not only enjoy a wide variety with us but also first access to some of the vaping products and e-juices because we are an exclusive distributor for some of the leading brands.

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