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Crusher E liquid, where each bottle bubbles with the promise of heatwave-beating freshness, or tropical treats.

Crusher’s best-sellers all aim to inspire a crushed-ice sensation, with the hugely popular Peach & Apricot Ice blend squeezing every millilitre of flavour into exotic clouds of smooth tokes. Their tropical Mango offering takes one-fruit simplicity while Blackcurrant Ice, feels as if a juice carton has been pulped with light minty notes for your vaping pleasure....

Crusher E-liquid range of vape juices is the best solution to those days when you're feeling under the weather. Packed with high-quality ingredients and mouthfuls of flavour, Crusher's range of vape liquids will remind you of the sunny morning hanging by the pool sipping on a glass of fruity goodness.

The juices come in bright and colourful packages to match the mood in 100ml short fill bottles to ensure you have plenty to go around for a long time before you need a refill.

Crusher E-Liquid Flavours

If you’re willing to let your guard down your guard and let loose, Crusher has a variety of flavours that you can try out. The extensive collection of flavours ensures all vapers with taste buds that have different preferences are well taken care off.

Fruity Flavours

Most of the flavours under the Crusher brand are fruit-inspired with different flavour tones depending on what you're in the mood for.

Kiwi Ice Crusher, Mixed Berry and Kiwi Ice, Summer fruit and Blackcurrant Ice are some of the most notable flavours in this range.

These feature different flavour tones that include fruity, menthol, strawberry, kiwi and raspberry depending on the bottle you pick up.

Menthol Flavours

For vapers that love the fresh, icy breath left after vaping menthol inspired liquids, this one of a kind vape liquid is a great pick.

Crusher has several menthols inspired vape liquids like Tropical Ice that comes with different flavour notes of menthol, tangerine and orange.

Browse through our extensive collection of Crusher E-liquid flavours. You will definitely get something that gives your taste buds a pleasure-filled experience.

Quality Tested Juices

As much as diversity is highly sort after in the vape liquids circles, at Flawless Vape, we know that the single most important factor is the quality of the vape liquids that we serve. We are trusted by thousands of vapers, and we always make sure that we provide them with an excellent experience at all times by rigorously testing our juices before making them available to our customers for sale.

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