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Premade Coils

Most people are torn between building their coils and buying pre-made coils. While both have their pros, we advise purchasing pre-made coils because you get to enjoy vaping rather than getting stuck in the learning process. Also, Flawless Vape Shop sells pre-made coils are a great price for the quality they offer.

However, as you entertain the idea of buying premed coils, we should warn you. Don’t be one of those people who disregard the coil’s rating. If a coil is designed for 50 watts, don’t go around using it on a 300-watt monster mod....

Pre-made coils explained

Simply put, they are coils that are ready to be installed in RTA, RTDA or RDA tanks. They are tiny but wrapped. And since they are pre-made, they don’t go into tank atomizers as vape tank coils do.

Different types of coils

Pre-made coils come in different forms. Some are simple, and others are elaborate. Some of them can even be paired together to create complex and more effective coils. For instance, you can pair a staggered coil and a staple coil to come up with a staggered-staple coil. Alternatively, you can make a framed Clapton coil from a combination of framed and Clapton coils.


These coils resemble guitar strings. They are made of two types of wires – a thin high gauge wire and a thick low gauge wire. The thin wire winds tightly around the thick wire.

Fused Clapton

They are like Clapton coils but with additions. They have two or even three parallel cores. It has a wide and flat profile courtesy of the parallel cores. As such, they have a larger surface area.


They are not from mars. However, they are practical. They have a Clapton coil wire on the outside. The wire has been de-cored around several thicker wires. This process gives the coil a wave pattern and also increases the surface area of the coil. The coil produces thicker and voluminous clouds.


They get their names from their staggered outer wire. It starts with two wires but ends in one after the other wire is removed.


These are the thickest pre-made coils you can find. They include a ribbon wire that has been framed from the outside. The ribbons introduce gaps in the coil which means they have more surface area and offer more flavour.

Different types of wires

Along with different setups, the coils also feature different types of wires. Here are some types Flawless Vape Shop deals with.


  • Kanthal – this is the most common type of wire in the vaping industry. It is an iron-chromium-aluminium alloy. They are perfect for high-temperature usage.
  • Nichrome – they are an iron and chromium alloy. They can also withstand high temperatures.
  • Stainless steel – it is an alloy that has the highest percentage of nickel, chromium and iron.


  • Ribbon – this shape offers a large surface area. And usually, the more surface area available, the more flavour you get.
  • Round – this is the most common type. They can be used as the core of complex pre-made coils.

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