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E Liquid Flavour Concentrates

Vaping is great, and we love it. However, we cannot pretend that it’s not expensive – it is. Picture this, a vaper who has a sub-ohm setup can go through 10ml of e-liquid like its nothing. If they are into premium and expensive brands, the costs can skyrocket overnight. As such, feel vaping is not for them. On the other hand, some feel limited with the flavours available on the market.

You want to try a watermelon vape juice or pineapple tobacco whatever your unique taste is, you want it bad, and you want it now....

There’s also the problem of the shop not having e-liquids in the nicotine levels you prefer. So you almost always have to settle for less or just walk away. Now, before you throw in the towel, there is a perfect solution to these problems – getting your hands dirty and making a custom e-liquid.

If you already have some DIY supplies, you are set to start making your custom DIY e-liquids. What is left now is to experiment with recipes. But if you don’t know where to begin, Flawless Vape has got you covered. In this piece, we’ll highlight everything you need to note and the steps to follow to make a high-quality homemade e-liquid.

What is a DIY e-liquid?

It is simply mixing three elements and coming up with unique flavours. These three elements include nicotine, e-liquid concentrates and a base liquid of VG or PG. However, you don’t have to use all the elements. You can opt to leave out nicotine or even leave the e-juice unflavoured – it’s up to you.

Now the whole idea of making your e-juice might sound complicated and overwhelming, but it’s not. It’s easy, and you don’t even have to be a chemist to pull it off. If you can make a cocktail, you are qualified to make your e-juice.

Mixing your DIY e-juice

There are two ways you can mix your DIY e-juice – by weight or by volume.

If you choose to mix by weight, it means you’ll have to weigh every element you add in making sure you factor in their specific gravities. Flavouring, nicotine, PG and VG have different weights per millilitre. To make things easier, you’ll need to have a vape juice calculator.

If you choose to mix by volume, it means you will have to measure the volume of every ingredient. You can use syringes for this. Be sure to use different syringes to measure the ingredients. Be prepared to clean since the process can be messy.

Because of the mess involved, we recommend mixing by weight. It is also more accurate – especially if you have the vape juice calculator and are working with small quantities.

What you need for a perfect mix

Regardless of your method of choice, you will need the below ingredients:

  • Base liquid - these are PG (propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine). They are the two most important ingredient in an e-juice. The base liquid that is unflavoured and has zero nicotine is pre-mixed into a 50:50 ratio or a 70:30 ratio. However, we advise buying 500ml of PG so that you have flexibility over the final juice ratio.
  • E-liquid concentrates (water-soluble) – these determine the taste of the e-juice. There are numerous concentrates available ad they can be combined to come up with even more unique flavours. There’s also the option of buying one-shots from Flawless Vape – these are pre-mixed flavours. They are perfect for beginners.
  • Nicotine – as we pointed out earlier, this is an optional element. Also, the strength of nicotine you purchase will depend on the nicotine levels you prefer. For instance, for a 100ml bottle, 48mg/ml should be perfect for a beginner. Nicotine is usually suspended in the PG solution. However, you can find it in varied rations on Flawless Vape. We should stress the need to exercise caution when handling and even storing nicotine. Its ability to be poison is usually overstated. However, if you spill large amounts, you might run into problems. Always keep nicotine out of reach of children.
  • Storage bottle – store the base liquid in squeeze bottle – the kind that has nozzle tips. This will make it easier to add them to your mix. If you use nicotine, store it in cobalt or amber bottles. The darker the bottle, the longer the nicotine will last in storage.
  • E-juice bottles – for the initial experiments, invest in plastic bottles.
  • Labels – purchase cheap sticky labels for your bottles. It will help you keep track of the mixes you make.
  • Gloves – you should never mix without wearing disposable gloves. You can get a box of these at your local pharmacy.
  • The other equipment you need will depend on the mixing method you choose.
  • Syringe – it is useful for when you choose to mix by volume. You’ll need several sizes. We recommend getting between 10 and 30ml for the base liquid and 1ml for your e-liquid concentrates and nicotine. You will also have to get needles - the 14 gauge type is best.
  • Scale – it is useful for when you are mixing by weight. An electronic scale that can measure 0.01g is preferable. This type of scale is accurate enough for e-liquid recipes. Also, ensure the scale you get can weigh a maximum of 200 grams.

DIY Vape juice kits

If you prefer getting everything in one bundle, you can. Most beginner kits will come with everything you need to start. However, most will be equipped with syringes for mixing with volume. If you can’t decide between mixing by weight and volume, you should buy a starter kit and a weighing scale.

E-juice calculator

Regardless of the method you choose, an e-juice calculator will come in handy. The calculator simplifies the process by giving you the correct amounts from nicotine strengths to the correct weights and ratios.

Many e-juice calculators are online, so you don’t have to spend money on this. However, you can download one for your pc or mobile. For most calculators, all you need to fill in is the required nicotine levels and the flavour percentages, ratios and quantities will appear automatically.

After mixing

Once you are done mixing, you should:

  • Label – label the mixes correctly down to their nicotine levels and VG/PG ratios. Also, include when you made the juice and the flavour. This is important for future reference.
  • Steeping – when you mix more than once e-juice concentrate, you also need to allow them some time to settle and blend. The amount of time allowed depends on the mix. Some mixes need up to 4 weeks, and some simple mixes don’t even need steeping at all.
  • Testing – after steeping, you can test the e-juice. Use a rebuildable atomizer for this instead of a tank. It will prevent you from wasting coils on not-so-good e-juice.
  • Storage – you should store the e-juice in a cool and dark place since oxygen, heat and sunlight can degrade it.

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