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One Hit Wonder E Liquid

Outside the UK, Los Angeles California seems to be another popular destination for vape liquid companies. One Hit Wonder joins the long list of companies that hail from California. The brand came to the limelight in 2015 after the release of Muffin Man which was quite the hit among vapers.

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Using the finest ingredients sourced from the USA, the brand has become a staple on the lips of vapers because of its wide variety of vape liquids and the surprising and captivating flavours. 

One Hit Wonder does not have the most extensive collection, but its liquids are big on flavour and character.

One Hit Wonder Flavours

The Man

The Man features a delectable blend of cream and strawberries. It has a creamy feel to it on the inhale with strawberry undertones on the exhales. This is a nicotine-free vape liquid which is perfect for sweet tooths, newbies and experienced vapers with a humble and simple palette.

Army Man

The brand also has vapers with an affinity for throat hit in mind. Army Man is a vape liquid guaranteed to bring out the man in you. It can be used with sub-ohm tanks or drippers and comes with various nicotine levels.

Muffin Man

This is the vape liquid that set the stage for One Hit Wonder. It is the most popular e-juice in their line and also one of the most exciting. Muffin Man has a sweet aroma of sweet apples and freshly baked cinnamon muffins. A draw of this vape liquid will leave your taste buds wanting more of the pastry goodness.

Quality Tested Liquids

When buying or trying out new e-liquids, it's essential to verify the quality of the vape liquid. Low-quality vape liquids can leave you with a bitter, burnt taste in your mouth and in some cases, they contain low-quality ingredients.

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