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Fizzy Juice E Liquid

Founded in 2012, Fizzy Juice E-liquid from Malaysia aims to spread the Caribbean fun to the rest of the world. A product of Mohawk & Co, they have perfected the art of vape juice brewing to provide any vaper who dares take a puff of their excellent blends with tantalising flavours for their taste buds and nose.

At Flawless Vape Shop, we stock a wide range of Fizzy E-liquids in varying quantities. Our variety of quantities includes 10ml options that come in sets of three or six. We also have variations that come in 30ml, 55ml and 100ml shortfill bottles.

The variety we stock for Fizzy E-liquids is extensive and diverse. We stock everything from the menthol and fruity flavours that they are known for as well as the newer introductions into the market like the creamy series that is creating quite a buzz in the vaping circles. If you’re looking for a unique vaping with packaging that reminds of you those warm summer afternoons by the beach sipping a margarita, Fizzy E-liquids has got you covered. ...

Quality Tested Juices

No vape liquid company becomes popular by creating juices that are not tested. Particularly when they enjoy the world-wide recognition that Mohawk & Co is enjoying. Their success story is written in relentless testing and improving their product to impress not only vapers in Malaysia but also in Europe and the UK.

Because we know our vapers tend to scrutinise international products, we always make sure that even self-made brands like Fizzy go through our rigorous juice testing procedure, so they meet our standards and those of our vapers.

We have taken it upon ourselves to invest in equipment and expert to test all the juices available at Flawless Vape Shop so when you buy from us, you’re assured of nothing but the best and you can let your guard down and try out new flavours from different brands.

UK’s Leading Vape Distributor

At Flawless Vape Shop, our goal is to connect our clients with their dream vape juices from all over the world. Sometimes, they don't even know what they want until they find it with us. This has been the case with Fizzy E-juices. With our understanding of the market and quality of products, we can pick local success stories and bring them to the international fold.

We stock thousands of products (both juices and vaping hardware) from brands all over the world. Our diversity is part of the reason why we have become a leading vape distributor in the UK.

Why Choose Flawless Vape Shop?

There are numerous vape shops, but none of them can hold a candle to our catalogue or the benefits and experience that we offer our clients. By opting to get your vaping gear and juices from vape shop, you stand to enjoy a variety of benefits which include;

  • Extensive catalogue – we offer our clients a broad range of options to choose from. Whether you're looking for trending products or a new release in the market, we are your best chance at finding it.
  • Quick dispatch and shipping – the pain of online shopping is having to wait for ages for your new equipment or vape juice to arrive. At Flawless Vape Shop, we can help you with that. We have an extremely efficient team that makes sure all orders are fulfilled in the shortest time possible. Also, all orders placed before 5 PM on weekdays are dispatched on the same day.
  • Free shipping – for purchases worth over £20 we will provide you with free shipping. It’s our own little way of thanking you for choosing us and helping you get more value for your money.