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Glas e-liquids is a result of an undying passion for creating the best e-liquids in the market. The brand was founded in 2014 based in California. In the quest for searching for the best e-liquid on the market, time, trouble and costs were considered collateral damage.

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To date, Glas has remained committed to quality and craftsmanship after spending more than two years researching their first vaping product.

Glas is one of the few vaping brands that not only pays utmost attention to the quality of liquids but also the packaging. They have an elegant custom-molded bottle design for all their e-juices that helps you make a statement not only with their flavours but with the packaging as well.

Choose from a wide range flavours with creamy and spicy undertones in packages of 50ml packages and with no nicotine.

If you’ve waited all your life for that perfect bottle of vape juice, you should try some of what Glas has to offer.


Quality Tested Glas Juices

Vape juices are the heart and soul of the vaping industry. The slightest compromise in the quality of vape juice can compromise everything the experience of thousands of vapers.

Glas and other vaping brands understand this fully. That is why the brand dedicated money, time and research to perfect their first bottle of vape juice before going commercial. By setting high initial standards, the brand has remained relevant over the years producing quality vape juices with excellent and diverse flavours.

We also throw our weight behind the quest of finding the best quality and fully tested e-juices. As Flawless Vape Shop, we understand that vapers have put a lot of trust in us and the products we stock. That is why we always test the products we receive for quality before releasing them for sale.

Glas E-Liquid Flavour Range

Fizzy Lemonade

The fizzy lemonade flavour is fruity, cool and soda inspired. It features lemonade, lime soda, ice and pineapple flavours carefully layered to provide a unique flavour that flows from one flavour to the next.

The icy-coolness of this flavour is authentic with no sharp menthol undertones. Each of the flavours and ingredients stands out and is easily noticeable providing you with a rich, full flavour that is carefully balanced.

Sugar Cookie

For sweet tooths, the vanilla, cinnamon and cookie flavours in this flavour are just the treat you need. What makes this flavour special is the level of sweetness. It’s just enough to keep you vaping but not too much that it overwhelms you.  

The vanilla and cinnamon notes come together seamless and permeate both the tongue and nose. You also get a melted butter note with a touch of brown sugar towards the end.

Blueberry Cake

Yet another excellent dessert flavour that features cake, cream, vanilla and blueberry flavours. The different ingredients and flavours in this liquid are beautifully married together with a variety of notes that keep entertaining your taste buds from different angles.

Just like the sugar cookie flavour, the sweetness is well balanced to provide a rich, flavour full experience.

Some of the other mind-blowing flavours from Sean Glas that you should try out it includes Strawberry Gummy and Butterscotch Reserve.

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