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Nasty Juice Bad Blood

Nasty Juice burst into the scene in 2015. Since then, the Malaysia-based brand has become extremely popular in the UAE, US, UK and Poland.

With an incredible collection of flavours like the Bad Blood series, the Nasty Juice has collected several awards over the years which is a sign of their dedication to quality and innovation to come up with new flavours that keep vapers on the edge not knowing what interesting flavour will drop next.

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The Bad Blood e-liquid has a sweet and cool taste throughout. Nasty Juice has done an excellent job of tweaking the flavours to take to different vapers without deviating from the foundation of the Bad Blood line.  

The line has a 70/30 VG/PG mix which maintains a careful balance between vapor production and flavour.

Nicotine lovers are well-taken care off with nicotine concentrations ranging from 0mg to 6mg to cater to all vapers.

While the Bad Blood line can work with different mods, you will get the best results and flavour when using sub-ohm box mods.

You can be among the lucky vapers that have tried the Bad Blood flavour which is brewed to perfection. Enjoy the low mint blend that leaves you feeling refreshed and immersed in clouds.

The Bad Blood line from Nasty Juice is TPD compliant ensuring the well-being of vapers is fully considered.

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