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Founded in 2017, Kingston E-liquids has grown in leaps in bounds. Through dedication and consistency, the brand has created a line of vape liquids that are a firm favourite among vaping enthusiasts. In 2019, in line with its vision to provide quality vape liquids and an incredible flavour range, the brand invested more than half a million pounds in setting up a bespoke blending and filling machine.

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As one of the leading vape liquid brands today, Kingston E-liquid has a vast array of vape juices that come in various quantities, including 60ml, 100ml, 120ml, 500ml and 10ml TPD bottles.

Kingston E-liquid Product Range

Although Kingston is considered a relatively new brand, it has been aggressive in building a formidable line of vape juices. In a short time, the brand has come up with an excellent line of vape juices with distinct flavours that have earned a lot of praise from the vaping community.

Zingberry Range 

This is the most popular flavour line that Kingston has to offer. It features vape juices that have different flavours but have similar ingredients and flavour profiles. Some notable flavours from this series include:

  • Chuckleberry – Chuckleberry is an ideal blend for vapers who have a soft spot for red berries and dark fruits. It also has a menthol blast for that extra kick.
  • Grape – Immerse yourself in the beautiful taste of the fruits of the vine with a menthol twist from this special vape liquid flavour. With its unique tanginess and a blast of ice, it’s perfect for all-day vaping.
  • Pinkerton – This flavour is designed for vapers that love a sweet fruit blend. Pinkerton is not overwhelmingly sweet, which makes it another ideal all-day vape candidate.
  • Red A – Red A is best known for its minty undertone. But it also combines a variety of red fruits creating an unforgettable juicy and succulent flavour.

Kingston Sweets

For vapers with a sweet tooth, the Kingston Sweets range is just for you. It features everything from the nostalgic flavours of the fizzy cola bottle to more fruity varieties of Apple Sours.

  • Banilla Fudge – This is a twist on a classic flavour that comprises rich, creamy and sweet flavour of bananas, vanilla and caramel fudge.
  • BlackJack – Another timeless and nostalgic classic that brings those childhood memories flooding back.


The Fantango series is a fruity splash that features flavours made primarily from citrus fruits, berries and apples. Although the ingredients in this range are simple, the flavours are sophisticated, offering a roller coaster ride to your tastebuds.

  • Apple & Blackcurrant – Indulge yourself in this flavour bursting with juicy fruits and a tang twist. The Ice variety kicks things up a notch, delivering a refreshing taste.
  • Grape Berry – Another great tangy flavour from Kingston E-liquids with grapes and berry flavour.
  • Lemon and Lime – This flavour is borderline tangy and sour. It’s perfect for vapers that don’t like sweet vape juices.
  • Orange and mango – This tropical mix delivers the best of both worlds. It features the sweetness of juicy, ripe mangoes and the tanginess of oranges.

All the above flavours come with an Ice variety for vapers who like that cool breeze feeling in their mouth when vaping.


Here is a treat for dessert-inspired flavour lovers. This line of dessert flavours from Kingstone features everything from cheesecake to brownies.

  • Brownies and Cream – Relieve the days you would come home to home-baked brownies with this precise flavoured brownies and cream vape liquid. It comes complete with that velvety cream feel.
  • Custard glazed donut – There’s no better way to kickstart your morning than with a fresh, glazed donut with smooth custard filling. This flavour offers you just that.
  • Cheesecake – With this flavour, you can bring that feeling of a rich, creamy layer of vanilla set on top of a biscuit base. The flavours gel perfectly, creating a party in your mouth.

For the adventurous vapers who are always looking for an opportunity to try out new flavours, you can try out the Gazillions and Jelly flavour series from Kingston. Both varieties are to-die-for.

Quality Tested Vape Liquids

At Flawless Vape, we don’t take any chances on the quality of vape liquids that we sell to your customers. With us, you don’t have to worry about the awful, burnt taste that comes with low quality and stale vape juices.

We only deal with reputable vaping brands dedicated to providing the best quality vape juices. We also conduct random testing on every batch of e-liquids we receive from our suppliers to ensure they are of the best quality and fresh.

Leading Vape Supplier in the UK

The primary reason why we take quality so seriously is that we understand we are a leading vape products supplier. We have thousands of vapers who frequent our stores. As such we can’t manage to have a bad batch in our store.

For vapers looking for a reliable, quality supplier with a vast selection of vape products to cater to all their needs, look no further than Flawless Vape.