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Heisenberg Vape

The Heisenberg flavour is a sweet spot for most vapers. It’s no wonder that some vape brands have a Heisenberg flavour in their line up.

The actual taste of the flavour might differ slightly depending on the take that different brands take on the vape liquid but one thing is certain, each of the brand’s unique Heisenberg flavours are refreshing and perfect for all-day vaping.

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Brands like Vampire Vape, Doozy Vape and Kingstone vape all have Heisenberg flavours. Vampire vape ups the game with a Heisenberg concentrate with a menthol base that provides a cooling kick that is relaxing and leaves you with fresh breath all day long.

Heisenberg flavours come in short fill bottles of various sizes starting at 10ml all the way up to 100ml. the flavours have 0mg nicotine concentration but you have the option of filling the bottle with nicotine to a concentration of your choosing or vape the juice as it is.

Quality Tested Vape Juices 

While Heisenberg flavours have built a reputation for themselves, at Flawless Vape, we still believe that quality is king when it comes to e-liquids.

That’s why we always test all our vape juices even the most reputable ones before making them available for sale.

We have invested in an in-house and facility and trained experts who randomly test all the vape liquids we receive from our suppliers. In our testing, we check for the quality of ingredients used in making the vape juice as well as the freshness.

Whether it’s your first time vaping Heisenberg or you want to try a flavour from another brand, you can confidently experiment without any worries of landing on a poor quality bottle.

Flawless Vape guarantees the quality of all the vape juices you buy from us. You can vape and have fun experimenting the different flavours without any concerns.

Leading Vape Distributor in the UK

Every vaper deserves to have access to an extensive collection of vape liquids and vaping hardware. At Flawless Vape, we live up to this expectation by providing you with a catalogue that features thousands of vaping equipment and liquids.

Over the years we have built our brand to become one of the leading vape distributors in the UK. We have a network of brands and manufacturers that trust us to deliver their products to the thousands of loyal vapers that shop on our platform.

We enjoy exclusive rights from some of the brands which means you can only find their products from our shop. For other brands, we get any new products first which gives our shoppers an opportunity to try out new vape liquids and devices before anyone else.

Why Choose Flawless Vape?

  • Free shipping – We offer free shipping to clients who spend £30 or more in our shop. It's our way of showing appreciation to our shoppers.
  • Expedited delivery – We know you can’t wait to try out your new vaping equipment. That’s why we offer expedited shipping services with next work day delivery for orders within the UK. Orders placed before 5PM on workdays are dispatched the same day to ensure they reach you in the shortest time possible.
  • Quality Guarantee – With Flawless Vape, quality is guaranteed. We have a high-quality standard for the products we stock and we always check and test the products to make sure they are up to our standards before we make them available for purchase.
  • Diversity – Most vapers are always looking to improve their vaping experience by trying new and different devices and vape liquids. At Flawless Vape, we have thousands of vape products that you can try out to always keep your experience new and exciting.