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Aspire Coils

The e-cigs industry has grown exponentially. Today, there is a sea of brands offering vaping products in the UK alone. But in the midst of all this, there is one that stands our – Aspire. The company offers everything Vape. But here, we highlight their one of a kind coils. 

Aspire has been around since 2013. The Chinese brand is among the few that are constantly setting trends and often comes up with remarkable vaping devices.

Over the years, Aspire has released several vape kits and mods and remains closely embedded in the hearts of new and experienced vapers. Like other vaping devices, your coils will need replacement sooner or later. You could also buy a new set of Aspire coils to enhance your vaping experience.

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Whatever the reason for looking for new Aspire coils, Flawless Vape can help. We have an expansive collection of Aspire coils for all types of Aspire devices. With us, you’re assured of finding the right coil for the right Aspire device or tank quickly and at excellent prices. 

At Flawless Vape, we are all about providing you with high-quality Aspire vape coils. And even better, we offer them at affordable prices. We have a long list of Aspire products, including tanks and coils that will ensure you get the best taste at an affordable budget. Regardless of your needs, you are bound to get what you are looking for on our site.

Improve your vaping experience with the Aspire coils

As an online vape shop, we are dedicated to providing only the finest products in the industry. Whether you are searching for BVC coils or a high-powered sub-ohm coil, we have got you covered. We should also point out that we have vaping kits and e-liquids as well. 

With that said, it’s important to note that the coil is the heart of the vaporizer. It gets everything going. It vaporizes the e-liquid allowing you to inhale and exhale a large cloud. Usually, e-cig coils should be replaced between 2 and 4 weeks. The number of times you replace the coils will depend on your usage, and the quality of the coil you have. But this doesn’t mean you cannot make your Aspire coils last longer.

Tips for your new Aspire coil

You will know it’s time to replace the vape coil when you start getting a burnt taste. And while most people think the replacement process is merely unscrewing the old coil and screwing in the new, it’s not. There are some processes they skip to ensure the new coil lasts longer and gives them the best vaping experience. 

Here are some tips to prime the new coil

  • Screw in the new coil into place. 
  • Saturate the wicking substrate – on the head of the coil; there are juice holes. The wicking material makes contact with the e-liquid here. Take your e-liquid and add a few drops of e-liquid into the holes. You do this to saturate it. Also, add another drop on the head to soak its center.
  • Tae several dry hits – when the device is saturated, reassemble the tank and reattach it to the battery. Take a couple of dry hits (drag without turning on the e-cig). This causes the e-liquid to wick up into the wick.
  • Break-in your coil – now that you have saturated the wicking material, you should break in the wiring. When you activate the fire button, the coil will expand and then contract. But since this is the first time using the coil, you should ease into it slowly. You can do this by starting with low power. Take several short hits and then increase the wattage steadily as well as the duration of the drag until you get to regular use.

UK’s Leading Vape Shop

Flawless Vape Shop is here for the long haul. As such, we conduct business to ensure we are guaranteed a future serving the UK market. Some of the things we do to safeguard our future in the industry and that have made us the number one vape distributor in the UK only stock high-quality coils, and work with the best brands and manufacturers in the industry.

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