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Solar Juice

Solar Juices is a New York-based E-liquids brand. It is dedicated to making nostalgic, classic flavours and works round the clock to provide every vaper with a unique experience. This approach calls for unique and aggressive research and development techniques, and given the success, the brand has had since it was founded, it's safe to say their approach is working.

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To ensure the quality of its vape juices, Solar has rigorous quality control and is firmly rooted in using top quality ingredients to bring the best flavours out of its range of juices. For vapers that are looking for a refreshing and soothing taste of vape juice, Solar has quite the range for you.

Solar Juice E-Liquid Range

Jupiter Double Mango

The Jupiter flavour is packed with succulent ripe mangoes filled with this amazing tropical fruit's sweet taste and aroma. The electrifying flavour is structured to produce intense clouds and an unmistakable flavour.


The Mars flavour is a blend of the best-kept forest berries giving the vape juice a subtle balance of a sweet and tart taste. This unique blend contains no nicotine, but it is one that you will love going back to regularly.


The Venus flavour is filled with tropical flavours. The vape juice is made from authentic succulent Spanish pineapples with a flavour that is astonishingly similar to the taste of real pineapples.


This strawberry packed flavour will take you to mercury and back. It's most riveting feature is the aroma of ripe strawberry and the sweet undertones. This is an excellent all-day vape juice because the sweetness isn't overwhelming.

Solar Juice has an extensive line of flavours that you can try out. These include the Saturn Original cola, Neptune Tropical fusion, among others. You can find the full line of Solar Juice e-liquid flavours on Flawless Vape.

All the flavours are nicotine-free, making them perfect for all kinds of vapers, even those that prefer the throat hit that comes with nicotine-infused vape liquids.

Quality Tested Liquids

At Flawless Vape, we ensure we sell quality vape liquids. We ensure we randomly test all the vape liquids we receive from our suppliers before making them available to our clients. This way, we ensure the liquids are made from the best quality ingredients and are fresh.

With us, you can be as adventurous as you want with regards to vape liquids without worrying about vaping low-quality e-liquids.

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No one understands vaping better than us, so we can guarantee an exceptional vaping experience. Here's are a few more reasons you should shop for your vaping products with us.

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