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The rise of mods is attracting more e-liquid brewers as they compete to produce vape juices that produce the thickest vapour and the best flavours. Solt is among the few that have stayed true to the process and embrace pods systems by producing a range of vape liquids with exciting flavours that work great with AIO kits, pods and lower-powered devices.

Solt's range of vape liquids comes in various nicotine concentrations to allow vapers to customise their vaping experience. The brand also has a range of nic salts that deliver better hits and are faster acting. Ni salts are absorbed more rapidly and are kinder on the throat.

Solt is the perfect vape liquid brand for vapers looking for smooth draws and high nicotine content without compromising the flavour quality and experiences harsh hits on your throat.

This range of vape liquids comes in 20mg bottles with a 50/50 PG/VG blend. This is an excellent combination of low-powered MTL devices and pod systems. With an extensive range of flavours to choose from, you can always expect a pleasant surprise from the range of vape liquids that Solt offers.

SOLT Flavour Range

Solt has invested heavily in producing diverse flavours to suit vapers with all palate preferences. Whether you’re interested in the famed fruity flavours like mango, Melon, and wild berries, or you want something sweet like vanilla, sweet tobacco, or superfruits, or maybe something more exotic like Black ice and Blackjack, Solt has it all.

The brand also features icy flavours like spearmint and menthol, which are perfect for cigarette smokers transitioning to vaping and were used to smoking menthol cigarettes.

Solt caters to all nic salt lovers. Those in it for the fun and experience and those using it to quit smoking. You can rest assured with the Solt line of delectable and satisfying vape liquids that your vape experience will be an amazing one.