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Elf Bar KOV Shisha NC600 Disposable Device

by Elf Bar
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The NC600 is Lightweight and handy with a more delicate design and a slimmer but wider body, in addition, the Elf Bars are inhale activated and easy to use, coming in a variety of 15 bright colours and delicious flavours. 

Featuring a 550mAh Battery which will provide approximately 600 puffs, once your device has reached the end of its lifespan simply dispose of and open another, no charging, no refilling required. 

  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Battery Capacity: 550mAh
  • Number Of Puffs: 500-600
  • 1x NC600 Shisha Range Disposable Elf Bar 0mg/20mg

  • Elf Bar NC600 KOV is a great choice for those who are looking for a pre-filled pod vape kit. There is no need to refill the device when you have consumed the e-liquid. So, Elf Bar KOV comes with a pre-filled kit. Thus, you can avoid the hassle of topping it up on your own. 

    Design of the kit

    The pre-filled pod kit has a stylish, slim body with a bit wider model. It is one of the latest products from Elf Bar and helps you achieve ultimate satisfaction when you smoke your favourite shisha flavour. You will get a better vaping experience while using this simple yet sophisticated kit.

    Elf Bar NC600 is a well-designed shisha vape pen, an electronic kit, which vapes well. However, you can also use other materials like waxes with this device. If you are a starter in the vaping world, you can smoke concentrates and flowers. The Shisha Elf bar NC600 will give you the best experience. You can now take your time to select your favourite flavour.

    What makes NC600 different?

    In the case of a standard Elf Bar, you will experience only a heavy and rich sweet flavour in every puff. On the contrary, if you use NC600, it gives the sensation of a shisha pipe. Like other Elf Bars, you may not find intense flavourings. Manufacturers have not added a high amount of sweetener. If you do not desire too strong or too sweet a taste, you can invest in NC600.

    A blend of 50% VG with 50% PG 

    The disposable kit comes with a 50/50 e-liquid. It means the vape juice has a balanced ratio of major ingredients like vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. PG represents propylene glycol, an organic compound found as a colourless, thick liquid. Obtained from vegetable oil, PG is used for e-liquids as a base and thickener. On the contrary, VG refers to vegetable glycerin, which is colourless and odourless with a slightly sweet flavour. Although it creates a base for your e-liquid, its consistency is different from that of PG. As the vapouriser has a balanced ratio of VG and PG, it is a well-rounded juice.

    Depending on the power and coil settings of a device, this 50/50 e-liquid will turn out a medium to subtle-density vapour. The throat hit also ranges from medium to subtle levels based on the nicotine strength. 

    Elf Bar NC600 KOV- How does it work?

    The disposable vaping kit is a user-friendly device with a powerful mechanism. You will get the best value from your favourite combination of shisha flavours. The KOV shisha pen is intended to help you enjoy the flavour and give the sensation of smoking. 

    Other features of the device 

    The disposable kit contains 2 ml of nicotine salt that gives you an instant smooth hit. The small kit has an integrated battery with a capacity of around 550mAH. It will help you with 500 to 600 puffs. It is equivalent to almost 20 cigs. When you can consume the liquid fully, you can dispose of the device. You do not need to refill it.

    Choose the flavour that matches your taste


    The initial aroma of cherry gives you the best sensation. It is tart and sweet with a fresh and natural fruit taste. The vape will not make you feel dry. However, you will get a strange aftertaste. The cherry flavour gives a subtle output; you will surely love its sweetness.

    Green apple

     The authentic green apple taste gives you a fresh sensation. But, there is a blend of slight sourness. There is no risk of dry aftertaste.


    If you desire the strongest aroma of fruits, you can choose this flavour. While exhaling, you may feel a roughness.

    So, you can now decide on the flavour of the Elf Bar disposable kit to enjoy vaping.