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Innokin Zlide Top Tank

by Innokin
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Best-selling Zlide tank returns with a brand-new look and enhanced performance. The
Zlide Top features top airflow, eliminating all leaks. The redesigned airflow system allows for greater control than ever before, with a wide range of options from tight MTL to smooth and flavourful RDL draws.

In the current era, where every other manufacturing brand is working on increasing its customer base, it takes a lot to deliver effective options, and the Innokin brand knows its way around. The brand not only produces amazing e-liquid flavours that are well-steeped, but it is also known for manufacturing the most reliable vape parts.

Among these is the Innokin Zlide top tank, which is quite popular among vapers looking for a top-quality and reliable tank.

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How to use the Innokin Zlide Top Tank

The top tank is quite easy to use and gives you a hassle-free vaping experience. Here are some guidelines on how to use the tank.

To change the coils

Unscrew and remove the tank from the device. Then unscrew the tank from the bottom ring and pull out the coil from the base of the tank. Check the wattage rating of the new coil, then prime it and push it inside the tank.

Before you screw the bottom ring back in place, you must ensure the flat side of the new primed coil is in line with the tabs in the tank. Otherwise, if not installed correctly, there will be an airflow gap between the tank and the coil, affecting the device's overall performance.

With the coil well positioned in the tank and screwed in, screw the tank back to the device and refill it with your favourite e-juice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of coil does the Innokin Zlide tank use?

The Innokin Zlide tank uses the Innokin Z coil series for optimal flavour and vapour output based on your fine-tuned settings.

How much E-liquid does the Innokin Zlide top tank hold?

The Innokin Zlide top tank holds 2ml e-liquid max. But it is a refillable unit, so you can refill it as many times as you want.

How often should I replace the coil in the Innokin Zlide top tank?

How frequently you replace the coil in the Innokin Zlide top tank depends on your vape usage and vape habits. However, it is best to replace the coil when you notice a decrease in flavour and vapour, as well as when you smell a burnt taste in the vape.