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What Is IQOS?

What Is IQOS?

Different measures are continually put in place to curb smoking. One of these is the invention of innovative products that give the same feel as smoking, thanks to advanced technology. Among these innovative products is IQOS, a Philip Morris invention gaining significant attention as a smoking alternative.

So IQOS, as Philip Morris puts it stands for I Quit Ordinary Smoking. This tobacco heating system is meant to evoke a sense of motivation and encouragement for smokers. By offering a similar feel to a real cigarette, IQOS aims to give a healthier alternative to consuming nicotine.

The IQOS tobacco heating system uses special paper wrappers with tobacco rolls to ensure efficient nicotine delivery to the users.

While the technical design for IQOS and its abbreviation may provide an initial spark of interest to drop the cigar, it is essential to note that the strong desire to quit smoking starts with you as an individual.

Technology behind IQOS

IQOS operates on a unique heat-not-burn technology that differentiates it from conventional cigarettes. With its distinct technology, IQOS offers its users a safer alternative to consuming nicotine. Consisting of a holder with a heating blade, and a charger, IQOS heats tobacco sticks without reaching the burning temperature.

Once you insert a tobacco stick (HEETS) into the holder, the blade in the device cuts through the HEET to increase the heating surface area. The blade then gently heats the IQOS HEET to a predetermined temperature without producing ash or smoke.

By avoiding combustion, IQOS devices reduce the formation and emission of harmful chemicals produced during incomplete cigarette combustion. However, it is important to note that despite the possible safe alternative, IQOS-controlled heating still contains nicotine. This is a highly addictive substance that, if mismanaged, may lead to addiction.

How Does IQOS Work?

IQOS operations involve a unique heating process that’s straightforward to manage;

Firstly, ensure the holder is fully charged and ready for use. Then insert the IQOS tobacco heat sticks into the chamber, ensuring a perfect alignment before closing off the cape.

Press and hold on to the control button to activate the device. You’ll feel two vibrations signalling the start of heating which may last about 20 to 30 seconds. You can also note the blinking lights on the holder signalling the heating process.

Once the lights stop blinking, the device will vibrate again, signalling that you are good to take your puffs. Take a gentle puff, especially if it is your first IQOS device use.

You should consider that each tobacco heat stick lasts for  6 minutes, which is about 14 puffs. However, most IQOS devices are designed to vibrate and blink during puff sessions when you have 2 puffs left. The vibrations should signal you to prepare the next tobacco heat stick.

Remember to maintain optimal temperature and peak functionality; clean and maintain the device regularly. However, different IQOS models may have differing features, so you’ll need to refer to the manufacturer’s guide on cleaning the device.

Key Features of IQOS

IQOS tables various features that make them the best choice for transitioning smokers. These help the device deliver flavoured-nicotine vapour with a real taste of heated tobacco.

Some of these features include:

HeatControl Technology

Unlike traditional cigarettes, the core feature in IQOS devices is a heat-not-burn mechanism. The mechanism uses a controlled temperature to release flavourful vapour without smoke or ashes. While traditional cigarettes burn up to about 800°C, IQOS heats the tobacco HEETS to between 350°C and 400°C.

Upgraded User Experience

IQOS offers the same touch and feel as a conventional cigarette. So copying the same cigarette ritual of holding and inhaling, IQOS devices deliver the perfect transition for anyone seeking a smoking alternative.

These devices, too, come with assured nicotine throat hits and flavoured vapours that enhance your typical tobacco experience.

Convenient and Portable Design

IQOS devices are designed to be small and very compact, with various robust features to keep the user going. These devices are also lightweight, meaning you can easily carry them outdoors in your pocket or backpack.

IQOS also comes with a charger that makes the device quite convenient, especially when hiking, camping, morning run, or heading to work.

Reduced Smoke Odour

The smoke emitted from cigarettes is often characterised by strong and pungent odours with lingering effects that cannot go unnoticed. However, IQOS is the revolution every smoker needs! Instead of smoke, the device produces a vapour which is less lingering. This means you can count on IQOS as your secret and still enjoy discreet nicotine puffs without making it obvious.

Reduced Harmful Chemicals

With the controlled heating mechanism, IQOS aims to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals that may lead to severe diseases. This means by heating the HEETS to 350°C, IQOS produces far less carbon monoxide, tar and other related carcinogens.

Possible Risks and Limitations of IQOS Devices

IQOS devices come with a huge pack of benefits from smoking alternatives. However, there are some key considerations to be aware of before using the device.

These include:

Personal Variations

While some people may find IQOS as the best cigarette alternative, you should note that the tastes and general experience may not apply to everyone. These variations are based on several factors, including smoking history and individual health conditions.

Ongoing Research

Research is still ongoing regarding the overall effects of IQOS. This calls for mature and responsible usage as it may take some time to discover its wholesome impact on its users' health.

However, as it stands, IQOS still maintains as a smoking alternative because of the reduced risks. But every user must be responsible for every action they take with the device.

Restrictions and Regulations

Being a tobacco related product, there are different rules and regulations regarding the legal status of IQOS in different countries. This means if you need to travel from one state to another, it is important to conduct your due diligence and research on the relative status of the product. This will help you avoid violating laws across different jurisdictions.


IQOS presents a massive innovation in the smoking world, providing a potentially reduced-risk alternative. However, you must use it with a balanced perspective, especially considering it still contains nicotine.

Nicotine addiction remains a significant concern that can get anyone hooked to IQOS or cigarettes. If you are bent on dropping smoking habits, you may need to work on a getaway solution that wouldn’t involve risking nicotine over dependency.


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