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Top 10 Vaping Safety Tips

Top 10 Vaping Safety Tips

Vaping devices have come a long way in terms of functionality and safety. But, that doesn’t mean you still don’t share responsibility in making your vaping hobby even safer. Without the right practices, vaping can be as dangerous as it can be pleasing.

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Here are a few tips you can use to protect yourself and those around you when vaping and ensure you have an excellent vaping experience.

1. Understand your battery

Lithium-ion batteries are the engine behind vaping devices. Lithium-ion batteries are known for their performance and reliability most of the time. But, without proper care and caution, they can be dangerous.

Because of how delicate batteries can be when mishandled, they form a large portion of the safety lessons you need to take on using vaping devices.

One of the biggest dangers of batteries is overheating. You shouldn’t leave the batteries in hot areas or too close to your body. It’s also advisable not to use the batteries when they are too low on charge especially when using mechanical mods.

2. Stay hydrated

Other than keeping your vaping mods safe, you also need to keep yourself safe. As much as you might love vaping, it’s vital to accept that it can leave you feeling a little dehydrated because it absorbs moisture from your body. To counter this effect, you should increase your water intake, especially during the summer months to prevent dehydration.

3. Keep vaping products away from pets and children

While vaping can be fun for adults, the same can’t be said for children and pets. Children and pets might not have an idea of what the bottle of e-liquid contains.

When consumed in large quantities, nicotine can be extremely dangerous. That’s why you should make sure you keep your vaping products and gear at a safe distance from children and pets to make sure everyone is safe.

4. Have a charging etiquette

 This tip will not only keep you and your vaping gear safe but also prolong service life. When charging your batteries, make sure they are attended to at all times. Make sure you’re always using the right charger for your equipment. It easy for the batteries to be overcharged using cheap batteries which makes them more likely to vent.

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In case you accidentally overcharge the battery, let the battery sit for a while to slowly lose charge before you can use it or take it to a recycling facility.  

5. Don’t experiment on your vape kit

With so much buzz about vaping, it’s hard to fight the urge to keep trying new things and experiences with your vape kit. As interesting as it might sound, it’s not something you should try.

When trying to find new tricks on vaping, you might come across people trying to vape different like hot sauce.

E-liquids are often tested for how they react when heated. The other liquids are not and they can be harmful and unpredictable.

There are plenty of vape juices you can keep trying to keep the experience interesting. What’s more, the ground on vaping is barely scratched so there are plenty of interesting upcoming liquids in the pipeline that will keep your vaping journey exciting.

6. Buy quality vape juices

Even though the vaping market is regulated, there are still some bad apples. It’s important that you buy vape juices from reputable stores not only to protect your vaping experience but also for your safety.

Poor quality vape juices contain harsh chemicals in them. The juices are poorly designed and not ideal for high temperatures. They could also contain toxins that could be harmful when heated and inhaled. Buy from reputable vape shops like us who carry out all the tests to ensure products comply with UK rules & regulations.

7. Keep the juice away from your skin

e-liquid is meant to go into the cartridge of your e-cig. It might not do as well on your skin. Vape juice is not designed to touch your bare skin especially when the juice contains nicotine.

If the juice spills on the skin, it means the skin will possibly absorb the concentrated nicotine and that might lead to health problems like anxiety, dizziness and vomiting and others caused by nicotine poisoning.

Practice caution when refilling your tanks and if you make a mess, make sure you wipe it away as soon as possible.

8. Don’t let your mod overheat

On overheated mod is a disaster waiting to happen because the batteries are inside the mod. If the mod starts overheating, it’s better to let it cool until it cools down.

If the mod continues overheating, it could cause the batteries to leak strong and hazardous chemicals.

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It’s important that you find a cool place for your mod to store your mod when you’re not using it and also to cool down.

Once the mod cools down and it’s not hot to the touch, then you can resume with vaping.

9. Check the expiration date on e-liquids

 The excitement to try some new flavours can be overwhelming and cause some oversight. A small mistake like picking an e-liquid that is past its sell-by date can bring your anticipated experience to a screeching halt.

When checking the expiration date, also check the colour to make sure the juice is not expired. You can also shake the bottle to see if the ingredients mix. If the ingredients don’t mix, the juice could be stale or expired. Expired vape juice date won't do harm, but it's always best to use fresh vape juice.

10. Be mindful and courteous

Don’t get too caught up in the vaping experience and forget to be considerate of people around you that might not be vapers. The last thing you want is to give fellow vapers a bad name. Try as much as possible to vape in secluded areas or among other vapers.


These vaping safety will guarantee that you not only practice mindful vaping but also ensure you and those around you stay safe. Being cautious when vaping will also help your vaping equipment to last longer and save you more money.

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