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Asmodus was popularised by its abstract ocean styles and designs on its products. They are also known for using stabilised wood as part of their quality products which ensures its overall durability. Stabilized wood is a natural wood which undergoes a rigorous stabilisation process. Each of the wood has been purified and tested to make the wood highly resistant to cracking and warping.

That alone makes Asmodus an overwhelming choice to many due to its uniqueness. Asmodus is an American vapour company that has been distributing and manufacturing different mods and kits since 2014. They are a high-end manufacturer that bring vapers new and exciting products. They are known for their quality and style, making Flawless Vape Shop interested in what more they have to offer.

We are proud to offer you the best mods from Asmodus that we have hand-picked to ensure your overall experience is amazing. As Asmodus combine technical innovations, autonomy, power, and style, one can never go wrong in trying their products. ...

Box Mods, E-liquid and Vape Kits

Over the years, Asmodus have produced a variety of products that have put them in the spotlight. From Lustro, Bunker, Drip Tips, RDA C4, Vapeporn Vice RDA, Amighty, Minikin, or your favourite Pumper, the mods, e-liquid and kits of Asmodus are exceptionally stylish! It feels like luxury, and with their added care, it gives a total experience that their consumers love. Whether you like some hard hit or some class, Asmodus have it all for you. Their mods and kits are designed to fit your individual preferences and needs.

Minikin 2 and Lustro has been a favourite of advanced users for having dual batteries. It is award-winning, revolutionary and ergonomic as well. It also comes with a handy flashlight and other capabilities that provide you with a fantastic experience. Achieve clouds till your heart’s content – only from mods of Asmodus!

UK’s Leading Vape Distributor

Many users trust Flawless Vape Shop as it offers high-quality products to satisfy the vaping community. We have a varied collection of vaping products with over 4,000 currently listed in our shop. We are known as one of the leading vape distributors on the market today that have built a solid reputation for our carefully selected products.

Why Choose Flawless Vape Shop?

Looking for a trusted shop of vaping products can be a challenge because of the extreme competition in the market. That’s why we always make a big difference by offering a quality experience like the free delivery service for purchases over £20. We are exclusive to top brand products and the first ones to get the products in!

Our products come from top brands that have been trusted for years to ensure that vape user preferences are met. We cater to the needs of beginners, experienced vapers, and any others interested in trying out our vaping products.