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  • Dough Bros Caramel Concentrate 30ml

    Dough Bros Caramel Concentrate 30ml

    By Dough Bros

    Dough Bros Caramel Concentrate features a sticky, sweet, gooey luxurious caramel centre, for those with a sweet tooth! Dough Bros Caramel Concentra...

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  • Dough Bros Coffee Concentrate 30ml

    Dough Bros Coffee Concentrate 30ml

    By Dough Bros

    Dough Bros Coffee Concentrate is a glazed shell filled with coffee buttercream and topped with a drizzle of icing. The Coffee, Creme Donut is also ...

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Dough Bros E Liquid

For vapers that find the candy and fruity flavours a little too monotonous and are looking for a break, Dough Bros is it!

These dessert flavoured vape liquids are the perfect break when you’re looking to fill your mouth with the rich bakery flavours.

Dough Bros is a highly deceptive brand which is probably where their products come as a surprise. The brand has a deceptively simple name and branding, but they are masters at brewing flavoured e-liquids as you will learn after trying out one of their seven flavours....

Dough Bros Flavour Range


The lemon flavour by Dough Bros is the ideal flavour to start with. It gives you an insight into the brand's renowned doughnut flavours paired with some tones of icing and to tone down the sweetness, a touch of lemon.


If you love the doughnut-inspired flavours, you can enhance your experience even more with the chocolate doughnuts covered in glaze. The 100ml short fill that locks in this flavour also packs a few more surprises in the form of icing and chocolate flavour tones.


Lovers of caffeine will love what the Coffee flavour has to offer. This lightly sugared pleasure packs the goodness of a well-brewed cup of coffee and freshly baked doughnut all in one. Enjoy the flavour tones of brown sugar and coffee in this knock out vape liquid.

Other notable flavours from Dough Bros include Caramel, Boston Cream, Apple, Blueberry Jam, and House of Pancakes Base among others.

Other than the unique flavours, Dough Bros liquids are also perfect for cloud chases with a VG ratio of 80%.

Quality Tested Juices

Your search for the best vape liquid should stop when you find the right flavour. It's vital to you use quality vape liquids at all times.

Low-quality vape liquids are notorious for leaving a bad taste in the vaper’s mouth and in some cases, they can have low-quality ingredients that can harm your health.  

At Flawless Vape, we save you the trouble of having to worry about the quality of liquids you buy from us. We always make sure we assess and confirm the quality of all the liquids we sell, so you have nothing to worry about.  

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