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Dr Fog

Dr Fog is a subsidiary brand of the reputable and award-winning Canadian vape company called Premium Labs. Dr Fog has borrowed heavily from the values that have made its parent company a success in Canada, the UK and the US.

Its product line comprises the highest quality ingredients using state of the art machinery that guarantees the best performance and accurate flavours.

Considering that Premium Labs has won almost every award in most vape juice categories, it’s a clear indication of the experience and performance you can get from their range of vape juices.

Dr Fog Vape Juice Flavours

Dr Fog has an impressive flavour collection that will leave even the most seasoned vapers dumbfounded. The diverse options mean that vapers with all kinds of vaper profiles are well catered for.

The flavours are divided into over 30 categories to make it easier for vapers to find the ideal vape juice for them. Each of the categories has tens of different flavours you can choose from. Whether you're looking for familiar flavours like the fruity varieties or something out of the box like the BE range or even the cool menthol flavours, Dr Fog definitely has just the vape juice for you.

The brewer also has a remarkable range of nicotine-infused vape liquids that cater to vapers transitioning from smoking. There's no doubt that Dr Fog is an excellent vape brand to consider for both vapers who are trying to find their identity and seasoned vapers who know exactly what they want but are open for a little surprise now and then.

Quality, Tested Vape Liquids

The two most important factors for a vaper is diversity and quality. We understand that none is more important than the other. That is why, besides working with all the reputable vaping brands in the world, we also have measures in place that ensure vapers only get the best quality and tested vape liquids from us.

Brands like Dr Fog are diligent enough to test their vape liquids before dispatch. But, we also conduct our own random tests on every vape liquid we receive before making it available for sale to guarantee the quality and assess the standards of the ingredients.

With Flawless Vape, you can try as many vape liquids as you want without any concerns about the quality or freshness of the vape juices in our catalogue. We do all the due diligence so you can sit back and enjoy your vaping experience.