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Horizon Vape

Horizon Vape is a brand that is dedicated to quality. To achieve its vision of becoming a leader in the vaping industry, the company has put together skilled research and development and production teams that ensure their products are not only the best in the market but that they conform to the needs of vapers.

With its many years of experience, Horizon understands perfectly the role that quality assurance plays in the production and growth of an enterprise. That’s why the brand has worked tirelessly to pass the GMP, ISO9001, among other international quality system certifications to guarantee its customer base of the best quality products....

Other than the production processes, the company also ensures all raw materials used in making its products are responsibly sourced and the best possible quality in the market.

Horizon Vape Product Range

The brand focuses on producing quality vaping hardware and accessories. The diverse range of products available from the brands attempts to ensure all types of vapers have something they can use from Horizon Vape.

Nic Salt Stick

The Horizon Nic Salt Stick is unique in a variety of ways. For starters, it's a constant power device and comes with the option of any one of two coils, each made with quality bamboo fibre. The stick holds up to 5.5ml of liquid to ensure you have enough supply to last you a day.

Falcon Tank 

Falcon Tanks are popular for their performance and their unique finish. The Falcon Tank is available in a rich array of colours and finishes to suit the taste of different vapers. The tank can also work with different coil options. 


For vapers looking for quality coils, Falcon has an extensive range. There are different coils to choose from. The F2 coil is the more popular of the variety largely because of its ability to resist high temperatures while providing quality and deep flavours.

Why Choose Horizon Vape?


The brand prides itself on being able to provide quality vaping hardware, which includes its popular range of Horizon Falcon tanks, coils, vape pens and nick salt sticks.

The quality of its products emanates from the design and the quality of materials used. Horizon Vape vape products are built for performance and durability.


There are plenty of vaping products you can find on Horizon’s range. These include tanks and atomisers, vaping pens and nick salt sticks, vaping pod, starter kits, replacement pods as well as pod kits.

For a brand that is driven to become one of the leading vaping brands in the world, there's no question that there are more products in different stages of production. Rest assured that whatever products that will be released in the future will live up to Horizon’s ethos of excellent design and durability.


Vapers are an interesting batch and as such, love interesting vaping hardware with punchy looks and captivating curves. Horizon understands this and has gone overboard to make sure that vapers can find precisely what they are looking for in its collection.

With an excellent R&D team, Horizon has some of the most appealing designs for its products. These include the Adamats Pod kit which is filled with accentuating curves, the colour filled Magico Pod Kit and the alluring Falcon Kit, to name a few. 

Extra attention has been paid to the mouthpieces of all Horizon products giving them a much-needed dash of creativity and colour.

Built for Flavour

Every part of a Horizon’s extensive range of vaping hardware is designed and built to extract as much flavour out of your e-liquid. The use of wood pulp and cotton in the making of selected tanks and coils allows the effortless absorption of e-liquid in a process Horizon refers to us Microporous process.

Use of these unique materials not only allows easier absorption of e-liquids but also the maximum extraction of flavours to provide you with unbeatable vaping experience and a renewed love for your favourite vape liquid.

If you’re looking for a brand that pays attention to the needs of vapers and works diligently to achieve and surpass those needs, Horizon Vape ranks very high.

Leading Vape Distributor in the UK

Your vaping experience is the most important aspect of vaping. Finding the right supplier who understands vaping products and can sustain the demand for quality is important.

At Flawless Vape, we have made it our business to ensure we provide our customers with a variety of vaping products from their favourite brands while ensuring we provide nothing short of the best quality.

This has been our winning formula for the years that we have been in business. This is the reason why we have grown to become one of the leading distributors of vaping products in the UK.

Why Choose Flawless Vape?

There are several reasons why choosing to buy your vaping products with us is a good idea. If you’re still struggling to understand why we are so popular in the vaping circles, here are a few reasons why people love buying from us;

  • We offer free shipping for all orders worth £30 or more!
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  • You get to choose from thousands of products from companies in the UK and overseas.

Simply put, we are every vapers shopping paradise.