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Juice Man

JuiceMan is a vaping brand that has been around since 2013, so you can rest assured they know a few things about vaping. It is an award-winning brand that sells to over 1,000 vaping shops worldwide and has an extensive distribution network.

JuiceMan has always had the same goal since it was first created - to provide vapers with a premium range of vape liquids that they will fall in love with. They have worked continuously towards this goal, hence their success.

For vapers that like a vape juice brewer that offers variety, JuiceMan will fit right in. The brand has had time to craft and perfect tens of different vape liquid flavours providing something for all kinds of vapers.

JuiceMan Vape Liquid Range

Considering that JuiceMan has been in business since 2013, you should expect the brand to have a plethora of vape liquid flavours. And it doesn't disappoint. It not only has a diverse selection of flavours but a mature and impressive one as well.

  • Cherry Lime Cola – The cherry lime cola flavour is the perfect definition of what JuiceMan is about. It brings together two distinct flavours and harmonises them. The result is fruity tangy with an exciting taste. The cherry on top of this delectable flavour is the zesty lime that adds a touch of tanginess.
  • Unicorn Frappe – Start your morning with the golden pot at the end of the rainbow with this outstanding flavour. It brings together the sourness of blue raspberries with the juiciness of tropical mangoes topped off with white cream to create a smooth, creamy draw without the overwhelming sweetness. The Unicorn Frappe makes an ideal everyday vape because of its exquisite balance of flavours and tenderness on your tastebuds.
  • Dragon Frappe – Bring the mystical creatures back to life with a magical mixture of fruits and cream that not only dazzles your tastebuds but also awakens your senses. This vape liquid features the flavours of dragon fruit, coconut syrup, cream, strawberry and mango. It’s an absurd mixture that only Juice Man could conjure up to make a riveting flavour where the ingredients surprisingly complement each other.
  • Mad Man – Mad Man is one of those must-have vape juices. It has a unique blend to it and gives you the perfect start to your morning. Unlike most other options that are largely fruit-inspired, this one is cereal-inspired but still leans towards fruits. The fruity cereal with a creamy milk undertone feels like the ultimate bowl of breakfast cereal.
  • Cherry Blue Cola – Every flavour from Juice Man promises to sweep you off your feet. Cherry Blue Cola is not any different. It's a cola flavour like nothing you have tried before, pairing the classic cherry soda with a candied blue raspberry. For vapers feeling a little wild, this is a great flavour to pick up.
  • Snowman on Ice – The festivities come early with the Snow Man on Ice vape juice flavours. It mimics the taste of an ice rainbow snow-cone dipped in tropical fruit syrup. Again, it sounds absurd. You have to vape this outstanding flavour to understand how two opposite flavours come together to create a sensational blend. This flavour is perfect for non-menthol users who love cold hits.

These are some of the flavours from Juice Man's collection that have hit it off with the vapers. However, there are tonnes of other options from the same brand that you can try. Cloud chasers will also be happy to know that in addition to the great flavours, this one-of-a-kind brand also engineers its vape juices to produce thick clouds, as evidenced by its high VG concentration.

Quality Tested Vape Liquids

Vape liquids quality is not something to take lightly. We understand some brands are leveraging on the vape craze to sell sub-standard vape liquids to unsuspecting vapers. That is why at Flawless Vape, we take extra precautions to guarantee the quality of our products and the peace of mind of vapers who shop with us.

As our commitment to quality, we ensure that every batch of vape liquids we receive is randomly tested to ensure they meet our high-quality standards and that they are fresh. With Flawless Vape, you get to enjoy a quality guarantee and enjoy your vape liquids without worrying about landing on a stale bottle.

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