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KENJI E Liquid

Malaysian-based Kenji E-liquids is a brand filled with personality and boldness. The brand appeals to vapers who like to stand with its range of Ice cold vape liquid flavours and queer prints on its packaging.

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If you’re not a little shaken up by standing out and some mystery, this brand has exactly what you’re looking for. Other than the impressive and captivating packaging, Kenji has invested in vape liquid flavours and quality that won’t disappoint....

Kenji Flavours

The Kenji brand has a total of six flavours that vapers can choose from. Each of the flavours is fruit-inspired with a unique twist that guarantees the best experience from each of the flavours.

Some of the flavours include Mango TropiKak which is a medley of tropical fruits most notably mango with a hint of menthol coolness and an exotic taste.

The green apple flavour is a blend of apples and green grapes to give you a sweet flavour group with a cool exhale on unique flavour tones.

Other standout flavours from Kenji include orange citrus, strawberry lychee, mango blackcurrant and peach lemonade.

Each of the flavours is carefully crafted and brewed to provide an unforgettable experience that leaves the vaper wanting more.

Quality Tested Vape Juices

At Flawless Vape, we understand the importance of diversity in our products. While we work tirelessly to make sure we provide our customers with as much variety as possible, we do so without compromising on the quality.

We make sure we test our vape liquids when we receive them from our suppliers before we make them available to our customers. This means, when you shop from Flawless Vape, you have complete confidence that the vape liquids you are buying are of the highest quality and the freshest batches.

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