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Liqua Vape

When it comes to vape liquids, product design, research, development and manufacturing are processes that can make or break a brand. Liqua Vape is a brand that has mastered all these steps courtesy of being a subsidiary of Zabou Group which is known for its experience in the mentioned areas.

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Access to funding and industry-leading technology makes Liqua Vape a front liner in vaping technology and creativity.

Since its inception, Liqua Vape has always been on a mission to provide vapers with quality and affordable vape liquids. In line with this mission, the brand has created and brewed tens of exciting vape liquid flavours, most of which have become fan-favourites among vapers.

You can check out the full range of Liqua Vape vape juices and other leading vape liquid brands right here on Flawless Vape.

Liqua Vape Product Range

Liqua Vape has done a commendable job of crafting numerous e-liquid flavours. Even the most demanding vapers will be spoilt for choice when looking through the brand's line of vape liquids. Whether you're a sweet tooth or a die-hard fan of nic salt vape liquids, Liqua Vape has something just for you.


Slushie is the most diverse flavour range that Liqua Vape has to offer. There are unlimited options to choose from that recreate the most classic and nostalgic flavours to some modern options that will blow your mind. Some of the notable flavours that you can find in this series include:

  • Slushie Original Edition – This is a must-try in the Liqua Vape e-liquid range. It is a classic that takes the strawberry slush to the next level by carefully layering the ingredients to create an irresistible strawberry flavour with an ice kick and Kiwi undertones on the exhale.
  • Blueberry Slush – This flavour combines the unforgettable and powerful taste of raspberry and blueberry blended with an ice bomb to create a thrilling experience that resembles a frozen tang.
  • Passion and mango slush – Nothing brings that tropical island feeling home better than this concoction of juicy passion fruits and mangoes. It’s the ideal way to enjoy the day as you bask in the sun.

Other flavours in this range include purple slush, pineapple slush, tropical slush and watermelon slush.

Slushie Nicsalts

For vapers that can’t do with a nicotine shot, Liqua Vape will take good care of you. The brand has a variety of slushie nic salt flavours that you’re going to love.

  • Slushie Salts Cola Slush – Enjoy the refreshing flavour of moreish cola candy and cool breeze of cool, crushed ice all blended into the one heavenly flavour. A fascinating aspect of this flavour is that it has an aroma that matches its great taste.
  • Slushie salts Blueberry slush – This nic salt combines the flavour of moreish blueberry candy with an ice-cold hit. Like the cola flavour, this one also has an excellent aroma.

Liqua Vape range of nic salts have a 10mg nicotine concentration and are all TPD compliant. If you’re feeling adventurous or want to try something new, you can also try the Slushie Nicsalt Bubblegum flavour, which promises to surprise you with its unique taste and sweet aroma.


The gumball range of flavours is full of surprises pairing common ingredients but having exceptional results. Like with the other profiles that Liqua Vape offers, this one also has various options that vapers can tinker around to see what they like best.

  • Blueberry Raspberry – A thrilling and sensational vape is the best way to describe this flavour. It pairs the powerful blueberry and raspberry flavours and blends them with the succulent gumball. The result is nothing short of amazing.
  • Cherry gumball – Experience a new twist with this refreshing blend of fruity cherries with a dash of baby gumballs. The flavour is intense and dazzling and perfect for bold vapers who appreciate flavours that stand for themselves.
  • Rainbow Gumballs – An excellent recreation of skittles sweets, this one-of-a-kind flavour is for sweet lovers. Everything about it, from the aesthetics to the taste, is breath-taking and will almost take you by surprise. The flavours are well blended and utterly accurate.

For each flavour range, Liqua Vape has a nic salt variety to match. This approach drastically increases the variety of flavours available for nic salts lovers, which is not common.

If you prefer to tailor your nic shots, the 0mg flavours are shortfills and have just the space you need to pour in your preferred nic shots for the ultimate vaping experience.

Quality Tested Vape Liquids

Every vaper's nightmare is vaping an expired, stale, or low-quality vape liquid. The harsh, burnt taste left in your mouth is enough to make you sceptical when choosing your next bottle of e-liquid.

At Flawless Vape, we ensure you don’t have to go through this horrible experience when shopping for your vape liquids with us. We conduct quality checks and random testing on our range of vape liquids to ensure you can enjoy our entire collection without any risks of landing on a low-quality shortfill bottle.