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Smoking Vapor

Granted, Smoking Vapor is not one of the most popular e-cig brands in the market today. However, it has a lot to offer a beginner vaper. From e-cigs to starter kits, high tech and advanced mods Smoking Vapor has something for everyone.

The first e-cig product was made in 2003. But since then, their popularity has increased exponentially to their current status. The entrance of different brands has helped fuel their popularity and technology. Though Smoking Vapor is not as old as other vape brands, so far, it has played a role in building the industry into what it is today....

We too, have positioned ourselves to help propel the industry forward. As an online shop, we avail these products and market them to vapers around the world. We are the leading UK vape product distributor and have a wealth of connections in the industry that help us get the best for you.

Disposables, pods, and accessories

There are lots of disposables in the market. However, Smoking Vapor disposables are classy. Their black finish accentuated with golds trim and large SV logos are more than enough to make a statement. The standard version lasts up to 400 puffs. But even more to this, Smoking Vapor disposables have a unique selection of flavours. While other brands have two or three, Smoking Vapor has more than ten – talk about variety.

But wait, there’s more. Their starter kit doesn’t disappoint either. For instance, the Phantom Tank is designed as a beginner starter kit. However, it’s nothing close to the regular beginner starter kits. It uses organic cotton (not silica) like most brands do. Also, special pods are used to refill the tanks.

And for their mods, the Carbon Fiber Pandora is a perfect example. It can put out a maximum of 30 watts, and it comes with a Sub-Tank kit. For maximum protection, the unit is wrapped in carbon fibre. But just in case this is not your preferred style, you can also choose a blue or wood finish.

Smoking Vapor may not be the largest brand on the market, but it has a long list of products aside from the ones listed above. For instance, there are variable tube devices, vape pens and other accessories including chargers, batteries and cases. Flawless Vape Shop also sells e-liquid, mods and separate tanks.

UK’s Leading Vape Distributor

We made a conscious decision to serve the UK market. And like any other company, we started small, but through a lot of hard work and smart positioning, we’ve risen to the top of the food chain. A couple of things have contributed to us being the number one vape distributor in the UK.

First, we only deal with high-quality products. But this does not mean we’ll make you pay through the nose. We have affordable pricing and have partnered with top e-cig brands in the industry. And given the strong business relations we’ve built over the years and a solid fulfilment process, our clients don’t have to wait long to receive their orders.

Why Choose Flawless Vape Shop?

We have the best customer service in the industry and a catalogue of more than 4000 products from the top brands in the industry. We have incentives and run discounts every other time to help you get the best and affordable costs.

If you purchase products worth over £30, we’ll make a free delivery in record time to your doorstep.