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How Long Does E-Liquid Last?

Whether you’re new to vaping or you’ve been at it, there’s always one question that lingers in your mind, “how long does E-liquid last?” There are a few things you need to know about how long your e-liquid is going to last.

How long will a bottle of e-liquid take me?

Every vaper wants to get the most value out of their vape liquid. In most cases, the quantity of the vape liquid seems so small and you might run out before you can get a new bottle.

The length your bottle of e-liquid takes you depends on how much vape liquid you vape. If you vape a lot and at high temperatures, your bottle is likely to go down faster than you’d expect.

Nicotine concentration might also determine how long your vape liquid lasts. If the nicotine concentration is just right, you might not crave as much which might allow you to take time before you need a refill. If the nicotine levels are low, then you need to vape more frequently.

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Ideally, e-juices are designed to last you a couple of vape sessions. If you vape often, it’s best to get larger quantities that will last you longer.

It’s possible to vape as much as 60ml a week. If you vape at an average of between 50 to 100W and vape moderately, a 30ml bottle can last you a week.

How Long Can I Keep E-Liquid before it Expires?

E-liquids have a best before date. Past this date, the ingredients used to make the vape juices are considered to have degraded in quality.

Some of the ingredients used to make e-liquid like vegetable glycerine have a shelf life of up to six years. However, the flavour of e-liquids will noticeably drop after a year or so.

Pure vegetable glycerine e-liquids might last slightly longer compared to those with PG because it has a shorter shelf life.

Also, vape liquids with no nicotine tend to last longer than those that contain nicotine. If you plan to stockpile your favourite e-juice flavour or brand, it’s best to store the juice without nicotine and only add it when required.

How long does vape juice last after it is opened?

Once you break the seal and open your vape juice, it can last for about two years from its manufacture date as long as you store the juice properly and in the right conditions.

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The juice must remain properly sealed or inside your sealed vaporizer to last longer and prevent it from being exposed to the outside elements.

How to store E-liquids

There are a few e-liquid storage tips that you can follow that can prolong the life of your e-juice.

  • E-juice should be stored in a cool place away from heating elements or heated areas.
  • The juice should be installed in a dark place like a cabinet away from direct sunlight.
  • Always make sure the vape juice is properly sealed after use to prevent oxidation which can dramatically affect the flavour.

Final Thoughts

The expiry date on e-juices is more like a best before date. While you can vape it past the date, you might not like the flavour. Nonetheless, it’s not advisable to vape expired e-juice. It’s always good to pace yourself to make sure you make the most out of every bottle you purchase.


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