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How To Blow Smoke Rings

How To Blow Smoke Rings

Nothing spices up your vaping experience better than being able to do some cool tricks that you can show off to your vaping buddies. The only problem is, pulling off some of these tricks is easier said than done and, without proper details and techniques you might end up making a fool out of yourself.

But, that’s why we are here – to make sure you don’t look like a fool but, the opposite. The most common trick and perhaps the best place to start is learning how to blow vape rings. They are an all-time classic that cigarette smokers have always tried and with vaping, they come out bigger and better. To make sure you get it right, here are a few tips that will help you blow out humongous vape rings in no time.

1. Take a Long Drag

Making the best O-rings with your e-cig should start by you taking a long drag. To get you on the best possible start, you should consider having an e-liquid with a higher VG mix. The vapour is going to be thicker giving you the best chance of having any kind of O-ring even if you mess up.

Once you start taking the long drag, make sure it sticks around in your throat and not your lungs. Even this requires some practice to perfect but, what you want is progress before you can achieve perfection. Get as much vapour as you can hold. The thicker the vapour, the better chances you have of getting rings that will look better and last longer.

2. Get Your Mouth Right

Once you have the vapour locked in your throat, the next step is to get your lips and tongue in the right position. It’s important that you get the position of the tongue right for the best results. The tongue should be lying flat at the bottom of the mouth and towards the back of the throat. It helps to create a pocket that will load the vapour before you push it out.

Once your tongue is in the right position, make your lips in a small “O” shape and stick them out as if trying to say "boo."

3. Push Out Some Vapour Using Your Throat

Now that you have the vapour loaded in your throat and your mouth is in the right form, the only thing left is to give the vape rings a try by pushing out a small amount of the vapour from your throat. Not the whole amount because shortly, we will make this even cooler by adding some variations that could use the vapour you have left locked in.

What Could Go Wrong?

For a simple three-step process, there are a lot of things that could go wrong. Nothing disastrous but, it could be a little embarrassing. To save you from the shame, we will list a couple of the things that could be making your vape rings a disaster, and hopefully, you can identify what you're doing wrong and rectify.

Not having enough vapour

To get the perfect vape rings, you need to inhale in the vapour. If you inhale very little vapour, the vapour will thin out and disappear before you can catch a glimpse of the ring. Try to draw as much as you can. Initially, you might not hold in as much, but as you practice, the capacity you hold will also improve.

However, be careful not to push your limits too far that you end up in a coughing fit. With just the right amount, your rings will be clear as the light of day.

You are standing in a breeze

Wind could spoil the party and take away your bragging rights. No matter how subtle the breeze is, it will easily mess up your rings and make it difficult for you to get the rings right. When practicing or showing off, try and do it in closed spaces where there is little interference from the mean outdoors.

Puckering your lips too much

This is the one factor that could be standing between you and the perfect vape rings. As easy as it sounds, getting your mouth in the perfect “O” shape is the biggest and most difficult part of the process. The shape of your lips should be formed by flattening the lips against your teeth and not puckering them too much. Also, the lips shouldn’t be curled inward.

A mirror can be a good practice partner to perfect the shape of your mouth before you go and try out the new trick in front of a live audience. Once you have perfected it, then you can show off to your friends.

Advanced Tips for Blowing Vape Rings

Now that you have the technique and tips of blowing the basic vape ring perfectly, you can add a few neat tricks up your sleeve to give you an edge and more bragging rights.

  • Add speed and distance to your smoke rings – to add some flare in speed and distance, try pushing out the rings by jutting your jaw a bit. Push the vapour out of your mouth by pushing the jaw up and forward. The motion should be slight and subtle.
  • Throw in a Backspin – Yes, you can also add in a backspin to your vape ring. Just curl your lips as the vapour is just leaving the mouth. This neat trick has an additional benefit. It gives your rings a more defined outline and a spinning effect. While adding in the backspin, your tongue should remain at the bottom of your mouth behind the teeth. You should use the middle of the tongue to move the vapour by lowering it quickly then restoring it to its initial position. In this case, you only push the jaw up but, not forward. It keeps the ring tight and neat.

Your rings will work better if you use a quality e-liquid that has a high VG mix. While other varieties could also work, using a higher VG provides thicker clouds of smoke making the ring easier to notice.

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