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Ploom vs IQOS

With the growing technology are different nicotine consumption methods without taking incomplete combustible puffs. Among these methods are Ploom which uses a heated tobacco system, and IQOS, which uses a controlled heating mechanism.

Both devices are continuously gaining considerable attention as the best alternatives for cigarette smoking. However, their almost similar nature may be quite disturbing in what option is the best.

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Read on as we explore and understand more about these devices.

Revolutionary Discovery of Ploom

Ploom’s development stemmed from the desire for the best cigarette alternative without the associated health effects.

Developed by Japan Tobacco International, Ploom has been subjected to massive advancements to help adapt Heatflow heating technology. Featuring a handheld electronic device, Ploom heats tobacco in Evo tobacco sticks (cigarette-like sticks).

Here is how Ploom works:

You need to insert an Evo stick into the device and then activate the device. There are different Ploom models, so in some, you can activate it with a control button; in others, you can activate it with a sensor to start the heating process.

Again this varies depending on the specific model you have. Some Ploom models have boost and standard modes, all useful for heating the Evo. The standard mode takes about 20 seconds to heat at a specified temperature. Boost mode takes up to 50 seconds, but it heats the Evo at a higher temperature.

Once heated, you can draw gently on the stick as you would with a cigarette. When no more puffs are left, the device vibrates, signalling you to discard the finished Evo stick. Since the whole thing is based a heat, not burn, you’ll notice the finished stick comes out almost as it was but with a toasted-like appearance.

A fully charged Ploom unit gives about 20 to 25 puffs. However, these puffs may reduce as the device ages with time.

You can insert another Evo and continue enjoying your tobacco sessions.

Exploring IQOS as a Game-Changing Smoking Alternative

IQOS is an innovative Philip Morris International discovery of a novel smoking technology. Aiming to create a reduced-risk smoking alternative, the company ensured it refines every technological bit to deliver the utmost user satisfaction.

Here is how IQOS works:

IQOS works using small tobacco heat sticks (HEETS). Once you insert a HEET into the unit’s holder, the HEET pushes a blade which slices through the HEET once activated.

To turn on the unit, press and hold the control button then you will feel the device vibrate. You’ll also see the blinking lights, which will signal the start of the heating process.

After about 20 seconds, the heating is complete, and the unit will vibrate again. At this time, you’ll also notice the lights are no longer blinking. This means you are safe to take your puffs.

Remember, the IQOS HEETS last for about 14 puffs. When you have 2 puffs left, the unit will vibrate and blink again, signalling that you’ll soon need to discard the finished HEET.

How Does Ploom Compare to IQOS?

Here are some key factors to help evaluate how the two devices compare:

Structure and Design

Ploom features sleek and compact designs that resemble a small handheld device. Initial Ploom designs featured pen-like shapes; however, with various advancements, the shape changed. With this design, the user benefits from a lightweight, portable device that’s easy to use.

On the other hand, similarly have sleek and modern designs, looking like a compact electronic device. These devices are entirely designed with robust features that give the user a comfortable grip. The robustness also helps to ensure the device can withstand temperature changes and frequent falls from tables and cabinets.

Heating Mechanism

Ploom uses a convection Heatflow heating system that heets the EVO sticks from the outside and lets air flow through them. Compared to the IQOS, it uses a controlled heating mechanism where a blade heats the HEET to about 350 degrees Celsius.

In both cases, once the tobacco heat sticks are fully heated, you can inhale gently on them and enjoy your flavoured vapour.

 Nicotine Delivery

While Ploom delivers nicotine through the heated EVO stick, IQOS delivers it through the heated HEET. Once the nicotine is inhaled, it is absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs. Both devices have a single nicotine delivery experience similar to conventional cigarettes.

Flavour Options

Ploom and IQOS  have a huge range of flavour options designed to deliver rich and tasty flavour experiences to their users. Some of the unique flavours in Ploom include EVO Bronze, EVO Amber, EVO Azure, and many others.

IQOS also features amazing flavour options, including HEETS Yellow, HEETS Spearmints, HEETS Bronze, etc.

User Experience

Past users of Ploom and IQOS have had varying tastes and experiences. While some experienced tobacco-like tastes and smooth throat hits with both devices, others had non-familiar experiences. However, this is expected based on individual smoking ability and satisfaction levels.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Both devices require regular cleaning to help maintain their optimal operations. However, these cleaning instructions for each device may vary depending on the relative guidelines from the manufacturers.

However, some of the common cleaning tips may include removing residue from the holders after every use. Check for more maintenance tips on your Ploom or IQOS menu.

Ploom vs IQOS FAQs

Can Ploom and IQOS help with smoking cessation?

Ploom and IQOS are not approved smoking cessation devices. However, they may help you as the best alternatives for smoking cigarettes. If you need smoking cessation programs, you may need to consult with health practitioners in your nearest health centre.

Are Ploom and IQOS safer alternatives for cigarette smoking?

Both Ploom and IQOS are advertised as potential reduced-risk alternatives for smoking. Each heating procedure in these devices is to a predetermined temperature lower than the temperature needed for burning the tobacco heat sticks. So controlled heating reduces harmful effects associated with cigarette smoking.

However, these alternatives do not eliminate the dangers of smoking; they only reduce your body’s exposure to harmful chemicals. Additionally, an addictive substance remains constant in both alternatives.


Ploom and IQOS are different brands with the goal of reducing potential smoking health risks. The devices, however, have slight differences in form size, design and heating operations. They both feature heating to reduce combustion effects and release nicotine without smoke.

You must, however, know that each of these devices has varying accessibility and may differ depending on your jurisdiction. While they almost achieve similar goals, the ultimate choice for the best device depends on individual tastes and preferences.

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