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What are Nic Salts?

Here at Flawless, we have launched a new range of E liquids that use a new form of nicotine called Nic Salts.

What is the difference between Nic Salts and E liquids?

Nic Salts are extracted directly from the natural tobacco leaf whereas traditional E juice is made using a form of artificial nicotine called free base.

The main disadvantage of using the thinner free base e liquid is that if you are a heavy smoker looking to quit, the high nicotine E liquids (12-18mg) can be very harsh on the throat and can cause discomfort.

Nic salts are absorbed in to the body much quicker than standard E liquids so it provides you with a much quicker hit to keep nicotine cravings at bay. Nic salts take away that harsh throaty after taste as they stay smooth even after being heated by your E cigarette and provide a much more intense flavour.

Are Nic Salts right for me?

There is so much choice when it comes to vaping and it can sometimes be hard to know whether something is right for you. The main thing to consider when buying new vaping hardware is to look at what you want to get out of your E cigarette.

Nic salts are best suited to those wanting to quit smoking, those who want a vaporiser to rival smoking a cigarette, those who want an instant nicotine hit and those looking for a low maintenance E cig. We have 10 different salt based E liquids to choose from including chilled tobacco, menthol peppermint and fruity flavours like lemon and lime.

Do you want to add the Nic Salt hit to your normal shortfills?

As usual, we've got you covered with our salt-based Nic shots that go brilliantly with any shortfill. All our new salt ranges are available online and in store in Hamilton and Leicester.

We've had great feedback from our customers so far! So if you’re looking to quit smoking and think the bad habit is impossible to break look no further than our Nic Salt range.

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