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Does Vaping Stain Your Teeth? - Flawless Vape Shop

Does Vaping Stain Your Teeth?

Teeth are unique for everyone. As hard as they are, they have tiny pores like the skin that absorb chemicals that result in yellow or brown teeth, often called staining.

The unsightly yellow or brown colour that appears on teeth might not be permanent in some instances; however, the layer is difficult to remove. That's why you should avoid products that can change the colour of your teeth like coffee and cigarettes, which are the most notorious in staining teeth.

With the adverse effects associated with smoking and the impact it has on teeth, most cigarette smokers are looking for a better and safer alternative with most of them quickly opting for vaping.

There's no doubt that vaping is safer for your health because the e-liquids contain very few chemicals, most of which are food-grade and are not known to have adverse effects on the body.

However, the one question that most people who are considering vaping are not sure of is whether vaping can stain teeth.

Can E-liquids Stain Teeth?

The best way to understand whether vaping can discolour your teeth is by looking at what the e-liquids care made of.

Essentially, the vape liquids are a combination of vegetable glycerin, propyl glycol and various flavourings. Unlike cigarettes which pack thousands of chemicals most notably tar which is responsible for the yellow or brown stain on teeth, vape liquids are more conservative with a safer collection of compounds.

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Because of the composition of vape liquids, vaping cannot cause teeth staining. In vaping, the compounds are not burnt, causing by-products but only heated to a specific temperature to change their state result in vaping as opposed to the smoke that is produced in smoking.

Vaping also means you don't stink of smoke, you don't carry a foul breath around, and your nails don't get that yellow shade that is common with smoking.   

Can vaping cause teeth sensitivity?

Teeth sensitivity is yet another concern that most smokers share. Cigarettes are notorious for making your teeth sensitive which can dramatically get worse over time.

Some of the chemicals contained in cigarettes will not only stain teeth but have a corrosive effect on the enamel, which results in sensitivity and ultimately tooth decay.

With vaping, you don’t have to run the same risks. As long as you use quality vape juices from reputable brands that use quality ingredients, your smile and the health of your teeth should be perfectly fine.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to note that while vaping is a safer option to cigarettes and is often used as a method of quitting smoking, how vaping affects your teeth is largely in your hands. It’s vital that you choose the right vape liquids from reputable brands that use food-grade ingredients to make their vape juices and favourable colourings that will not hurt your smile.

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With cigarettes, you don’t have such a choice. Every cigarette you pick up will have the same chemicals in varying concentrations, and over time the effects are the same. It's recommended to do a little research before trying out new vape liquids to learn more about the quality and composition of the ingredients.

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