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UWELL Caliburn Pods

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The Uwell CALIBURN Replacement Pods are a set of food-grade plastic pods featuring a 2.0mL refillable pod, 1.4ohm Pod Coil Resistance, and possesses a top fill system, stoppered by the top cap drip tip mouthpiece.

Caliburn Pods Specifications

  • 2ml Capacity Juice Pods
  • Pod Coil Resistance: 1.4ohm
  • Food Grade Plastic Pod Construction
  • Dual Port Top Fill System - Top Cap Drip Tip


  • 4 x Uwell Caliburn Pod Cartridges

Are you new to vaping and want a reliable vape with 100% guaranteed efficiency? With the growing number of vape brands in the market today, finding the best for your needs may be quite challenging. But this shouldn’t worry you; Caliburn pods are amazing units designed for convenience and excellent performance.

Whether you just transitioned from smoking or want to try out the delicious flavours in vapes, there is something for you with Caliburn Pods. This brand’s pods are uniquely designed, portable, and user-friendly. They are extremely easy to use, even for beginners, and combine a premium quality performance that works to ensure you have a seamless and enjoyable vape experience.

Why you should use Caliburn pods

There are several reasons why Caliburn pods stand out among many other pods in the vape industry. Here are some of the main reasons you need to consider using this brand’s pods.

Better smoking alternatives

Smoking ingests incompletely burnt chemicals such as tar and carbon monoxide in your body, which risks your general health and well-being. But with Caliburn pods, you can enjoy clean vapour without inhaling chemicals to your body.

In addition, instead of smelling chemicals, Caliburn pods let you enjoy the flavoured vapour of your choice, from tasty beverages, fruits and desserts.


Caliburn pods are quite affordable because they don’t need expensive equipment or frequent replacement. In addition, these pods last for quite some time before you replace them. So they are worth the money and will even deliver more than you expect, especially when you have strict budgets and need quality vape devices.


Caliburn manufacturers are considerate of every beginner’s first time with a vape. So, the devices don’t need any complicated settings and controls. You are free to vape once you unbox the pod from its package. The good thing is the vape has a draw activation firing mechanism, where the vape shuts down as soon as you stop inhaling on it.

Excellent performance

Caliburn pods are quite convenient and reliable as they deliver intense vapour and flavour. These are key features for any vape enthusiast who’s yet to learn about wattage settings and adjusting airflow controls. In addition, these pods' high-quality performance ensures anyone using the vape enjoys a smooth and satisfying vape experience.

How do the Caliburn pods work?

Caliburn pods operate by vapourising a pre-filled e-liquid in them and delivering the e-liquid through a mouthpiece to the user. These devices comprise two significant components; the battery and the pod.

The battery is the key power source in the device and is rechargeable by a USB port located on the side or at the bottom of the vape. The pod contains a disposable cartridge, e-liquid and the heating coil. When the user inhales on the mouthpiece, the heating coil gets powered and vaporises the e-liquid, releasing a smooth and satisfying vapour.

However, some Caliburn Pod models will come fitted with a firing button, completing a dual firing mechanism. With this, you can inhale to activate the vape or press the firing button, based on your experience using vape devices.

Caliburn pods are also uniquely integrated with Pro-Focs flavour technology that ensures optimal flavour flow in every e-liquid in the cartridge. The flavour technology works by monitoring the device's temperature and wattage to ensure consistent delicacy with every puff you take.

These pods are also the best option if you are unsure about having harsh throat hits. The devices are designed to deliver a low-power output. This helps ensure that you can enjoy a mild and smooth vaping experience without the harsh throat hits that come with high-powered devices.

Generally, the combination of the dual firing mechanism, Pro Focs flavour technology, and the lower power output are all designed to be effective and deliver smooth vaping experiences for vapers of all levels.

Available flavours in Caliburn pods

There are endless flavour options to choose from in Caliburn pods. However, gradual experimenting will help you choose the best for your tastebuds based on your preferences. If you need a place to start with these flavour options, here is a quick guide for you:

First-timers can try out fruity flavours like apple, mango and blue raspberry before going for various fruity blends. However, if you need a cool and refreshing taste in hot weather, menthol flavours will serve you best. The menthol flavours are refreshing minty tastes that also serve best when taken after meals in the summer.

For a lip-puckering experience or a sour note in your taste buds, candy does best. These will deliver amazing inhale and exhale notes with every puff you take. The sour feel is quite delightful, and you’ll love vaping it repeatedly.

Caliburn pods stand out among many vape devices, but the key factor is where you source the pod. There are different vape sellers in the market today, but only a handful can account for their products' safety and quality. To avoid all these, check out the Caliburn pods and all its available flavours today at Flawless Vape shop and enjoy vaping from a reputable vendor.