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Can I vape Indoors in the UK?

Despite the craze that surrounds vaping, there are a lot of grey areas. Most vapers are not sure of where they can and can't vape. The most exciting part is, there are no 'official rules' that determine where you can't vape.

However, owners of establishments and facilities like pubs, office complexes, restaurants, hospitals and airports have their policies which vapers have to abide by.

Since there are no legal guidelines on vaping, you must be wondering if that means it’s perfectly fine for you to vape at home. Unfortunately, the answer is not so straightforward.

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Is it a rented property?

There are a few things you need to consider to determine if it’s okay to vape inside your house. The first one is if the property is rented. If you’re renting, you might find yourself in a dead zone since you risk being classified as a smoker and some landlords do not allow smoking inside the complex.

If your landlord is polished and understands that vaping doesn’t emit the same substances as cigarettes that cause staining, they might allow you to vape.

Most rental applications ask a general question “do you smoke?” It’s a good idea to seek clarification from the landlord. If they consider smoking and vaping as one and the same thing, then vaping inside your home might not be okay.

Are there other people in the house?

While having guests or apartment-mates in your house does not stop you from vaping, vapers are classy and considerate. It's always a good idea to know if your guests, friends or those you're sharing the house with are okay with you vaping. If they are, and the landlord is also fine with it, there's no reason why you shouldn't vape inside the house.

Are there kids in the house?

If there are kids in the house, you ought to be more considerate. Since vaping doesn’t leave a smell, you can vape when the kids are not in the house.

Is Vaping allowed in public places?

Whether vaping is allowed indoors depends on where you are and the policies that govern that environment.


A vast majority of hospitals in the UK don’t allow vaping. Even worse, they treat vaping and smoking the same way. In some hospitals, you can’t even smoke within the hospital grounds even when outdoors. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the policies of the hospital before you start vaping.

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Some fast-food restaurants, cafes and pubs allow vaping. Before firing your device, check with the administrator of the establishment to find out if it is allowed. Some joints have a booth shared by both vapers and smokers. In some, vaping and smoking are treated with the same disdain while in others, vaping and smoking are distinguished. You might not get arrested for breaking the vaping rules, but you might be kicked out.

Stadiums and music venues

Popular stadiums like Stamford Bridge and Old Trafford enforce strict no vaping regulations. Smaller clubs might be more lenient. Most music and concert venues have the same approach of banning in large venues and loosening the grip in smaller arrangements.

Whether you want to vape inside your home or any other indoor space, it’s always a good idea to eliminate as many ‘ifs’ as possible before you can fire your device. Make sure you understand the laws and policies in place and be considerate of those around. After all, you don’t want to give vapers and vaping a bad name.  


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