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Aspire Pockex Box Vape Kit

by Aspire
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We got your feedback requesting a new PockeX version and after a long product development, the PockeX box is now available! The new PockeX box is an ultra-compact box mod with a sleek new creative design and adjustable airflow.

Aspire Pockex Specifications

  • Pod capacity: 2.0 ml /2.6 ml.
  • The PockeX Box is a wonderfully built side-by-side mod that offers a more integrated look than its predecessor..
  • PockeX Box utilises the classic and beloved PockeX unique U-tech coil technology to ensure that Vapers' will still be able to appreciate an intense flavour.
  • The airflow control ring allows you to adjust the airflow from high airflow and cooler vapour or low airflow with more flavour.
  • Slide the top cap to reveal the filling hole and fill the tank with your favourite e-liquid. Ultra-easy and convenient.
  • PockeX Box is powered by a built-in 2000 mAh. This high capacity ensures that your PockeX Box will last you through the course of a day prior to needing a charge.
  • 7.2 A Type-C charging.
  • 3 colour indicator lights for the battery level, it reminds you to charge your PockeX Box timely.
  • Aspire ASP chipset safety protection.


  • 1x PockeX Box Device (2000 mAh)
  • 1x PockeX Tank (2.0 ml, 0.6Ω coil preinstalled, with Acrylic Tube)
  • 1x 1.2Ω Coil
  • 1x Type-C Cable
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x O-rings Pack

Aspire has been turning heads in the vaping industry for years. Every move it makes is under heavy scrutiny by competitors and vapers alike. That’s what you would expect from one of the world's most reputable vape hardware brands.

The Aspire Pockex was initially released four years ago, right before the pandemic. It was supposed to be the ultimate compact starter kit and was certainly one of the easiest kits to use at the time. Recently, Aspire thought it was time to pay homage to the popular AIO pen-style vape kit with the release of an Anniversary Edition that packs new colours and a repositioned USB port.

It's an excellent move that allows one of the most iconic AIOs in the market to come back to the limelight and allows vapers to experience what a true classic offers.

First Impression

The Pockex is one of the simplest devices on the market. It's easy to strip down and comes part in two major parts. You can change the coil, fill up the device, and have it assembled back together in minutes.

The device is also easy to operate. It has one button for turning the device on and off and firing. It takes out the guesswork when operating the device, and you don’t have to worry about trying to find the right vaping temperature with this device.

The size of the coils on this device is impressive. For its size, it has huge coils with nice big wicking ports. This could be among the reasons why the Aspire Pockex has stood firm against the test of time.

The new colour schemes on the Anniversary Edition will sweep you off your feet. The dual-tone colours blend together, creating a seamless transition and contrast that is easy on the eyes.

Key Features

Besides the impression you get when you take out the PockeX from its packaging, there are some neat features tucked inside the casing. If you’ve vaped using the PockeX before, you might notice some of these features because they are the same ones on the initial release.

It runs on a 1500mAh battery which is music to the ears of vapers looking for a longer-lasting and harder-hitting device they can use on the road. The device also allows you to go back and forth between sub-ohm and mouth-to-lung vaping by simply swapping the coils, which is a neat feature.

With the device, you get a 0.6ohm coil for DTL vaping and a 1.2ohm coil for a tighter MTL draw. If you’re yet to determine the draw that works for you, having a device that can deliver both experiences brings you closer to discovering your draw preference.

The PockeX has a top-fill design which makes refilling easier and reduces the chance of leakages. The device also comes with a 2ml tank capacity to keep it portable so you can easily pop it into your bag. 

Design and Build Quality

As expected from Aspire, the PockeX is a well-built device. It has a nice heft to it and feels solid in your hands despite the compact and portable nature of the device.

Being a pen-style AIO, the PockeX Anniversary edition has an excellent base that requires a bit of force to topple over. That makes it easy to charge the device while standing up – it's always a bonus because it reduces the chances of leaking.

The fade look on the different colours available is eye-catching, and being a pen-style device, Aspire has done a decent job of trying to jazz it up.


Considering the previous devices from Aspire that have come before the PockeX, it's safe to say it has some big shoes to fill. Luckily, it fits right into those shoes.

In line with its simple design, the PockeX lacks crucial airflow control. It has a fixed and top-fed cap. However, even without the airflow, the creative design of the device ensures you have enough air and restriction running around for a satisfying MTL and restricted DL draw, depending on the coil you select.

The 0.6ohm coil has a loose MTL draw that is closer to a DL draw. It’s a great coil for experienced vapers that want that strong throat hit and have been around vape hardware long enough. The coil delivers exceptional flavour and goes toe-to-toe with the latest generation of coils without breaking a sweat.

There's also the 1.2ohm coil that also offers an MTL to restricted DL draw, depending on your vaping preferences. Similarly, this one also lives up to Aspire performance standards delivering quality flavour and thick vapour clouds.

Overall, the Aspire PockeX Anniversary Edition has good flavour and plenty of vapour. It's perfect for novice and experienced vapers looking for an out-of-the-box experience and a device that hits way about its weight class.

Battery and Output

Aspire PockeX’s 1500mAh battery is charged through a micro USB through a charging port at the bottom of the device.

Five quick clicks of the fire button will turn on the device, and another five will turn it off. When the device is on, an LED flashes blue and red when it is off. The device has a handy battery charge indicator, so you’re never caught unaware by the battery suddenly dying on you.

You can tell how much battery power is left by pressing the fire button. If the LED lights are blue, you have more than 30% of power left, and if it lights red, you have less than 30% power left.

The PockeX has a non-variable 4.2 volts output. It's an excellent device for new vapers looking for a powerful device without the confusing bells and whistles and for experienced vapers looking for a reliable device to use on the road.