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Dinner Lady Disposable Vape Pen Kit

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The Dinner Lady Disposable Vape Pen is a disposable vape device, recommended for users of all experiences especially those switching over from smoking. Featuring a super lightweight, streamlined pen design, this 400mAh disposable vape pen is prefilled with 1.5ml of 20mg salt nicotine e-liquid, delivering approximately 400 puffs (equivalent to over 20 cigarettes) per lifespan.

Dinner Lady Disposable Vape Pen Kit Features

  • Dinner Lady Disposable Device
  • Lightweight Pen Design
  • 400mAh Built-In Battery
  • 1.5ml E-Liquid
  • Inhale Activated
  • 400 Puffs/Outlasts 20 Cigarettes
  • Organic Cotton Wick
  • 20mg Salt Nicotine Blend
  • 40% VG / 60% PG

With no setup or maintenance required, the Dinner Lady Disposable Vape Pen is one of the easiest devices to use on the market. The 400mAh battery provides a generous lifespan whilst an inhale activation offers a simple operation with no buttons required. This device delivers a flavourful MTL (Mouth To Lung) vape and when completely consumed, dispose and replace appropriately.

The Dinner Lady Disposable Vape Pen is prefilled with 1.5ml of e-liquid, containing a 20mg salt nicotine blend for a smooth throat hit whilst the use of organic cotton wick provides long-lasting, rich flavour.


  • Dinner Lady Lemon Sherbets Ice Disposable Vape Pen

Size, Weight and Feel

The Dinner Lady Vape Pen is easily one of the biggest disposable vapes on the market. Regardless of the bold description, the device still checks on all the requirements of a good disposable vape, including fitting inside your pocket. You can easily conceal the device inside your palm with only the mouthpiece sticking out.

It weighs only 43 grams. Compared to other smaller vapers, it is on the heavier side. But the weight gives it a sturdier feel. The device has an aluminium shell which completes that quality and strong feel. It feels well-built and like it won’t shatter into pieces when dropped.

The Dinner Lady disposable vape is perfect for vapers worried about throwing their vape after a day or two. With proper and conservative use, the device will last several days.

How To Use the Device

The Dinner Lady disposable vape is one of the easiest to operate devices on the market. In a few quick and simple steps, you should be ready to enjoy your first vape.

Start by removing the device from its box. Tear the plastic wrapping and remove the two silicon plugs from the top and the bottom to fully expose the device.

The device is draw-activated. There are no buttons, and the settings are already optimised. All you have to do is take a draw from the device. When it stops producing vapour, you can dispose of it.

According to Dinner Lady, this disposable vape should last you more than 1500 puffs. That is good to last most average vapers three to four days.


Dinner Lady has made a name for itself by creating delectable e-liquid flavours. It would be a shame if you could experience the same flavours in its disposable vape pen range. Luckily, the brand doesn’t disappoint.

This range of disposable vapes comes with a fantastic range of up to 13 e-juice flavours. Most of the flavours pack an icy finish which seems to be the theme. The devices are colour-coded to make it easier for vapers to choose the flavour of their choice. Some of the amazing flavours include:

Citrus ice

This is a zingy flavour that flavour notes of lemons, oranges, and limits. It is finished with a menthol, icy-ness that tones down the sharpness giving the juice a nice balance that teases your tastebuds without becoming overwhelming.

Fruit mix

If you love your juices sophisticated and packing different flavours, the fruit mix is for you. It is a blend of wild berries incorporating sweet cherries, red berries, grapes, currants, sour berries and tart berries. It is a vape liquid that is filled with flavour.

Bubblegum ice

Bubblegum is a nostalgic flavour that doubles up as an amazing treat. It fuses blueberries and bubblegum for a tantalising and delicious sweet flavour that brings all those memories of being a child. The flavour has an icy note at the end to wash down some of the sweetness and add layered flavour with a refreshing taste.

Strawberry mac

The strawberry mac flavour draws its inspiration from the macaroon, which is a small cake or cooking made from sugar, almonds and other nuts. The flavour is as sweet as the cake and as iconic as the classic pastry from which it draws its inspiration. This is one of those flavours highlighting Dinner Lady's expertise in brewing and making the best tasting vape liquids.

Mango ice

Tropical flavour lovers will swim in the juiciness and sweetness of this fresh tropical flavour. Mango ice is easily one of the best flavours in this range of disposable vapes. The flavour bursts with the taste of succulent and freshly picked mangoes. There's a touch of honey hidden within the flavour, which is the x-factor in this flavour. It also has a menthol base to give the flavour a refreshing touch towards the end.

Banana ice

This is a vanilla blended flavour with a touch of banana. It is has a creaminess and sweetness to it that is riveting, and like most of the other flavours that Dinner Lady offers with its disposable vape pen, it has an icy touch to complete the experience. The flavour is slightly sweeter than you would expect, making it a great candidate for a subtle candy flavour.

Strawberry ice

Strawberry flavours always have a surprise aspect and this isn’t any different. It’s impressive with a unique twist. It is a soda-inspired creation that combines the taste of freshly picked strawberries and cloudy lemonade. It's slightly tangy with a touch of koolada that makes the flavour feel like it is poured over crushed ice.