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The HYPPE Disposable Enclosed Pod System device comes in a sleek design that can simply be used and discarded.  It’s convenience, small size, and ease of operation make it one of the most popular vape choices.

The HYPPE Plus disposable was designed in mind for the beginners that want to come away from cigarettes and it's the perfect solution! Available in 10 different flavours, the HYPPE Plus pen has a 280mAh battery and delivers approximately 400 puffs per device.

This device contains 20mg of salt nicotine.

280mAh Built-In Battery
Manual draw activation
Approx. 400 puffs per device
1.6ml Pod Capacity
20mg nic salt e-liquid 

The hype around disposable vapes is real. They are perfect for when you’re stepping out of the house and don’t have lots of pocket space but still want to enjoy your vape. The resurgence for disposable vapes has been because vapers are increasingly looking for vaping devices that are easier to work with. This is more so the case for new vapers and those transitioning from smoking.

Hyppe has devices that meet these criteria. The Hyppe Bars are among the many disposables vapes you can find on the market. But they have several features that make them really good and stand out against the competition.

What to Expect from Hyppe Bars 

Hyppe Bars are easy to use. No fidgeting or fanning around. The device is straightforward. It makes a perfect emergency backup for vapers and smokers trying to quit.

You can expect to get about 600 puffs from the Hyppe Bar. It is slightly more nicotine than you would get from 20 cigarettes, which is enough to satisfy the cravings of most smokers.

Hyppe Bars don’t have the most diverse flavour range. You have several options to choose from. But, each of the flavours is carefully crafted to provide you with a unique and different experience that will get you hooked.

Design and Build Quality

Hyppe Bars have a thin, compact, and long rectangle design. It's the same thing you see in other disposable vapes like the Elf Bar. The difference is, the Hyppe Bar doesn't weigh as much. The devices are thin and light. They easily slip into your pocket (even in your front jeans pocket). You can carry several devices at a time with no problems at all.

Each Hyppe Bar is finished in a soft, semi-rubberised coating. The coating is high quality and gives the device a nice touch and feel when in your hand. Like most disposable vapes, Hyppe Bars are colour coded. The colour of the device matches the flavour of the device. Available colours include orange, banana, blue, pink and yellow.

The colours are bright and vibrant. If you’re not shy about showing off your new vape, the colours will definitely grab attention. The branding on the Hyppe Bars is minimal. The devices have a logo at the bottom of the device, which gives the finish on the device a nice contrast.

Lastly, on the design is a blue LED at the bottom of the disposable vape. The LED lights up when you take a puff.

Each device is prefilled with 1.3ml of nicotine salt liquid in 5% strength, which is impressive. It's not easy to find disposable vapes that come in more than 2%. If you're looking for a device with higher nicotine content, the Hyppe Bar is your best bet.

Each bar should last about 300 puffs when with average use. Considering how small the device is, it’s surprising that you can get that many puffs out of it.


There's no shortage of options when choosing your preferred flavour in the Hyppe Bar lineup. Although the variety is not as rich as other options, it is just as exciting and tasty.

Lush Ice

Lush ice is a flavour that you will find in other disposable vape brands. It is a highly sought-after flavour that features watermelon and menthol. With Hyppe Bar, the flavour is not very strong, and the watermelon taste is also relatively light. It's a perfect blend for an all-day vape.

Lychee Ice

A well-done flavour that tastes natural and authentic. It’s not as strong as you will find in other brands. It is light and almost like lush ice. For vapers who prefer to stay away from overwhelming flavours, this is an excellent option.

Tropical mix

No flavour range is complete without an option that takes you to the tropics and brings those summer memories back to life. This tropical mixture includes pineapple, mango and peach. It has a pinch of zing, which is quite unique and gives it a little zest. The pineapple is the most dominant flavour, but the other two flavours come around at their own time, making this a flavour that is hard to put down.

Orange soda

Seeing the orange soda flavour is a big relief. The cola flavour has dominated every disposable vape brand. The orange soda is a nice twist that breaks from the norm. It has an orange pop and some fizziness, just as you would expect from an orange soft drink.

While these are among the most preferred Hyppe Bar flavours, there are other flavours you can choose from that include;

  • Cool melon
  • Strawberry banana
  • Icy mint
  • Pear ice
  • Frozen banana
  • Blueberry ice
  • Guava Ice