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Smok Stick M17 Core Replacement Coils (5 pack)

by Smok
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The SMOK Stick M17 coils shipped in packs of 5 will restore the full-flavour output of your M17 device! The Smok replacement M17 coils use multi-core, sub-ohm coil technology to get the best possible vape from your available battery power.

The SMOK Stick M17 0.6 Ohm coil is great for everyday mouth to lung vaping. Cloud volume remains rich and satisfying without putting too much strain on your battery, or draining your tank too quickly.

Smok Stick M17 Contents

  • 5 x Replacement SMOK Stick M17 Coils (0.6 Ohms)

Smok Stick M17 Replacement Coil Features

  • 4ohm dual-core
  • 6ohm dual-core
  • Four wicking ports
  • 100% organic cotton

When To Buy Replacement Coils for Your Smok Stick M17

Telling when your Smock Stick M17 coils need replacement is critical in extending the life of your e-cigarette and ensuring you continue to enjoy a fantastic vaping experience. If you’re not sure if you need replacement coils, here are a few signs it might be time to purchase a new set of replacement coils;

Vape tastes burnt

This is the most noticeable sign that your coils need changing. It is something most vapers will experience multiple times in their vaping experience. The horrible burnt taste is a dreaded experience and often happens when the coils are well over their replacement date.

Gurgling e-cigarette

When the coils are not firing on all cylinders, some e-cigarettes will produce a gurgling sound as the coils are flooded and incapable of vaporising the vape liquid fast enough. Other causes can be the cause of the gurgling. But in most cases, changing the coils, especially if you haven't changed them recently, often fixes the problem.

A sudden change in the vape liquid flavour

 Having proper functioning coils plays a critical role in the flavour production of your device. If your vape liquid flavour starts changing or downgrades suddenly, it could be time to change the coils. When the coils are worn out, the vape might taste a bit odd or not have a flavour at all.


Leaks are fairly common in vaping. They could be caused by various factors, including worn-out O-rings, or they could be worn-out coils. If the seals are perfect, changing the coils could solve the problem. Cleaning your Smok Stick M17 device while replacing the coils can also help resolve the leaks.