Spearmint Elf Bar Disposable Vape

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The Elf Bar 600 is a disposable vape device filled with nicotine salt-based e-liquid. There's no need to refill it with e-liquid, charge it, or change any pods or coils. Simply inhale to vape.

The Elf Bar is compact and light, making it perfect for use while travelling, commuting or on nights out, or even as a backup device. With a 360mAh battery, each lasts for approximately 500-600 puffs. 

Note: Puff counts are approximate and dependent on the length of draws on each use. Significantly lower puff counts can be found if longer draws are taken.


Product name: Elf Bar 600 Disposable Pod Kit
Size: Height: 104 mm
Diameter: 16 mm
Battery Capacity: 360 mAh
Pod: Pre-filled with 2 ml of 20 mg nicotine salt e-liquid
Puffs: Up to 600 puffs


The Elf Bar 600 is a disposable pod device featuring a pre-filled 2% (20mg) salt nicotine e-liquid, a sleek, portable design, and a draw-activated firing mechanism. It is specially designed for vapers who are looking for a portable device that can be used anywhere at any time. It comes with an incredible battery capacity of 360mAh, which allows you to enjoy vaping all day long without charging.

The elf bar 600 offers a seamless vaping experience with no maintenance or refilling required. You simply need to open the package, pull out the pod, and start vaping.

The Elf bar 600 Spearmint flavour is an amazing refreshing vape featuring a minty taste with a silky-smooth throat hit. The vape also comes infused with a 20mg nicotine content ensuring each puff you take delivers a smooth delicacy for your tastebuds.

However, you can have various nicotine options between 0mg, 10mg, and 20mg, especially if it's your first time vaping or you need a perfect smoking alternative.

Elf bar vapes are known for their classic and high-quality details that involve simple and easy-to-use vape setups. The spearmint elf bar, therefore, comes with an ergonomic mouthpiece and compact, lightweight design that ensures you can always enjoy the vape without worrying about additional weight when carrying it with you.

Why Choose Spearmint Elf Bar?

Elf bar has consistently captured vapers' attention worldwide because of their unique and vaper-oriented features in all their vape products, including the Spearmint elf bar flavour. These include:

Hassle-free Convenience

If you need a ready-to-vape disposable device, this elf bar is one of the best flavours you can have. The device comes prefilled and precharged, matching your best fit for a convenient option. It also needs no maintenance and is easy to dispose of once it gets depleted. Simply open, unbox the device from its package and enjoy your vape.

Pre-filled E-liquid

Spearmint elf bars come pre-filled with e-liquid, thus saving you from messy refills that may not match the original e-liquid content. In addition, the vape comes formulated with high-quality ingredients that guarantee a consistent taste with each puff you take.

Refreshing Flavour

Each puff you take delivers a cool and minty sensation, leaving you craving more of the vape. The spearmint flavour is also known for its soothing feel that promotes a sense of calmness, especially after a tiring day. Although its real benefits are yet to be confirmed, the soothing effect of the flavour is believed to promote a sense of relief, especially if you are in pain.

How to Use the Spearmint Elf Bar

The spearmint elf bar is an easy-to-use device that requires no prior knowledge on using it. Instead, it’s a straightforward process that includes the following:

Unpack the device from its packaging and inspect it to ensure it's intact. Then locate the mouthpiece and remove the silicone cap from it. The elf bar is a draw-activated device, so it turns on automatically once you inhale to vape and turns off when you stop inhaling.

This means you don’t have to struggle with unnecessary buttons to activate or control the vape. Instead, simply inhale, and you are good to go.

Enjoy your flavour experience by giving breaks in between your puffs to allow time for the flavour to resettle. Once the vape gets depleted, dispose of it correctly and replace it with a flavour you love to continue enjoying the cool, soothing and refreshing feel.

Allergies and Potential Side Effects

The spearmint elf bar, like any other vape product, has potential side effects if not used in line with the manufacturer's instructions. Here are some things to consider:

Nicotine sensitivity:

The elf bar has varying nicotine strengths to help everyone get an optional preference that matches their needs. If you are unsure where to start, starting low and gradually increasing the nicotine content is essential. However, the most important thing is seeking medical guidance to help you know better.

Allergies and Sensitivities

Each of these flavours almost comes formulated with different ingredients. It is up to you to check that the present ingredient options won’t affect you in case of any sensitivities or allergens in them.

Quality and Safety Assurance

To help reduce the likelihood of side effects and other reactions, you should buy your elf bar and any other vapes from a reputable supplier. In addition, you must check for brands subjecting their products to third-party testing to ensure their purity.

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