Strawberry by Litejoy 10ml

by Litejoy
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Strawberry eliquid is sweet like candy! Soft and refreshing, with a gorgeously delicate aroma, Strawberry eliquid is a sweet little taste of heaven! Strawberry 10ml eliquid is available in the following nicotine strengths: -  1.2% (12mg) Low Strength - 0.6% (6mg) Low Strength - 0.3% (3mg) ultra low strength Litejoy's premium quality, pre-mixed Strawberry eliquid is available in a 10ml bottle containing PG 70%/VG 30% for a better throat hit, vapour and smoother flavour. Ingredients: Pharmaceutical grade nicotine (EC label EC 200-193-3), water, propylene glycol, glycerol and Litejoy strawberry flavouring. May contain nuts. Litejoy strawberry eliquid is supplied in a plastic bottle with a child-proof lid. All Litejoy eliquids are made to UK/EU/US standards. Additional product information: Litejoy Strawberry eliquid is perfect for use with ego-t electronic cigarettes. A Litejoy ego-t electronic cigarette or ego-t e shisha holds 2.4ml of e liquid so a 10ml bottle will provide 4.16 tank refills - 1 refill of eliquid lasts an average 20 a day smoker around 1 day. Packaging may vary. Eliquid colour may vary according to the batch, it is perfectly normal for your Litejoy eliquid to be clear, yellow, orange or light brown.

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