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Vaporesso iTank 2ml

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The Vaporesso iTank is an ideal option for anyone that's looking for increased vapour production and a genuine sub ohm vape. Thanks to being compatible with the whole range of Vaporesso GTi coils, this tank delivers a DTL (Direct To Lung) inhale. As well as the tank itself, you’ll also find a 0.2 Ohm and a 0.4 Ohm GTi mesh coil in the box, so you’re able to connect to your mod and vape right away.

With its standard 510 connection, you can pair the iTank with most mods on the market. Beyond that, the range of compatible coils are all sub ohm, which means your tank is specifically designed to create a larger amount of vapour for DTL vaping. Plus, it features an adjustable airflow which allows you to set the feel of the inhale to be tighter or looser.

As it's a top filling vape tank, you don’t even have to detach it from your mod to refill. Simply unscrew the top cap to reveal the inlet and fill with up to 2ml of your chosen e-liquid.

Vaporesso iTank is one of the best and most advanced sub-ohm tanks you can have, whether you are a beginner or an experienced vaper. The tank comes loaded with innovative technology and an array of impressive features useful in delivering unparalleled performance and style.

If you need the best choice, which would satisfy your cravings with every puff, the Vaporesso iTank is the exceptional option for you.

Vaporesso iTank Key Features

Crafted from durable stainless steel, the Vaporesso iTank is built to withstand the test of time, ensuring you have a long-lasting vape companion. This explains why Vaporesso is renowned for delivering just what its vaping community wants.

The iTank also features a robust Pyrex glass construction, providing exceptional durability in case of moderate or high falls. You can vape in peace knowing the vape is highly resistant to breakage.

The device incorporates Vaporesso GTI coils that use flax and cotton materials. These work closely to enhance your vape’s flavour and provide a long-lasting, enjoyable experience.  The Vaporesso iTank is generally designed for vapers prioritising durability and flavour, making the tank a perfect choice for an all-day vape.

Benefits of the Vaporesso iTank

The iTank comes with a huge range of benefits that elevate your vaping experience. These include:

Mechanics Aesthetics

In addition, to being a high-performing device, the Vaporesso iTank boasts a sleek and stylish design with modern aesthetics. This sophistication adds to your vape set-up, giving you an outstanding experience as you vape in style.

The premium-grade aesthetics also instil confidence and pride in your vape experience. The high-quality construction and visually striking design elevate your vaping experience even more, topping up your enjoyment.

Smoother and Quieter

Compared to many other sub-ohm tanks, the Vaporesso iTank is designed to deliver a smooth and quiet vaping experience. Because of its advanced airflow-controlling system, you’ll enjoy a smoother and noiseless draw when inhaling the vapour. This system ensures steady and even airflow without compromising the tank’s performance.

The reduced noise will also enhance comfort, especially when using the iTank in public spaces where you’ll want a discreet and quiet vaping experience. The absence of loud noises from your Vaporesso iTank also gives you a peaceful vaping experience. This adds to your immersive and calming moment ritual with the iTank, enhancing your overall well-being.

High Taste Restoration

The iTank is engineered to deliver the real taste of your flavours, giving you the essence of your favourite e-liquids. You can be sure of immersing yourself in a flavour-filled vaping experience with the Vaporesso iTank like never before.

The high taste feature complements the smooth and quiet draws from the iTank, where you can have a satisfying experience; fully focused on the complexities of the flavour.

Leak-Resistant Design

With the iTank’s leak-resistant design, say goodbye to frequent e-liquid wastage and messy leaks. You can enjoy a comfortable vape experience with confidence and peace of mind. 

Top-Filling System

Refilling your sub-ohm tank’s never been easier, especially when you are just starting in the vaping industry. The Vaporesso iTank, however, makes refill moments quite easy. The top-filling feature ensures you can effortlessly add e-liquid to the tank without disassembling the whole device.

For a quick and efficient refilling process, slide open the top cap, refill the tank and screw back securely. This makes the refilling fast and convenient, saving time and effort.

Vaporesso iTank Performance

The Vaporesso iTank shines with its innovative coil system. The iTank utilises the Vaporesso GTI coil system, which integrates cotton and flax materials. The cotton provides excellent e-liquid absorption for smooth and consistent vapour production, while the flax material contributes to the longevity of the coil. This unique material combination enhances the overall performance of the coil, delivering an exceptional vaping experience.

The iTank also features a triple-bottom adjustable airflow system with a turbo airflow mechanism. This helps to easily fine-tune individual airflow preferences. As a result, you can have a tight draw with enhanced flavours or an airy draw with denser clouds.

With its self-circulating e-liquid cleaning system, the Vaporesso iTank reduces leakage by drawing in and vaporising excess condensation. You’ll enjoy a cleaner, more reliable vape moment with a leakage-free experience.

How Long Do Vaporesso iTanks Last?

Vaporess iTanks lifespan varies depending on different factors, from the frequency of use to maintenance and vape habits.  Structurally, the tank is designed to last long, delivering a reliable vaping experience.

However, the Vaporesso GTI coils in the tank may require frequent replacement as they are subject to wear and tear because of continuous heating and e-liquid saturation. On average, it may last anywhere between one to three weeks, depending on individual usage habits. Other factors that can also affect the Vaporesso iTank’s coil lifespan are vaping frequency, wattage settings and the nature of the e-liquid in use.

Other components of the iTank, including the tank itself and the adjustable airflow system, may not require frequent replacement as they are designed to last for long.

Ultimately, regular maintenance will help ensure the Vaporesso iTank lasts for a worthwhile period. However, a lot goes into the maintenance, including ensuring proper handling, replacing coils on time and following the manufacturer’s guidelines.