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Problems with SMOK Mods and How to Fix Them

Every vaper dreams of landing their hands on a new SMOK mod. The brand is one of the most popular with regards to mods. Some of their more popular varieties include the SMOK Novo, SMOK Morph 219 and the SMOK Nord.

Despite the excellent engineering, the mods are engineering works and, therefore, susceptible to failing. Knowing what to expect and how to approach each challenge will improve your experience and avoid inconveniences.

In this quick blog, we have a look at some of the common problems associated with SMOK mods and how to fix them.

Not Charging (SMOK Nord and SMOK Novo)

This problem is more common with the Nord and Novo varieties. Try as you might, the mod will just not charge. Most users think the problem is with the device. But this is not the case. The problem is often with the charging cable or the charging port.

How to fix

Try another cable - To diagnose the source of the issues, you can test another cable. You can also try to blow into the charging port to remove debris and fluff that might prevent the flow of current.

Try another charging location - If the problem persists, you should try another charging location or use rubbing alcohol to clean the charging port. If you decide to use alcohol, make sure the port is completely dry before you insert the cable.

No Hits (SMOK Novo, SMOK Nord)

The Novo and Nord remain the primary culprits. You will often notice this problem after the mod is fully charged and ready to go. Given your building anticipation, it can be a frustrating experience for the device to refuse to fire when you're so close to getting your first draw.

How to fix

Before you let the frustration get the better of you, there are a few areas you should consider checking.

Dry contact pointsStart with the contact points. When filling, a little of the vape juice can drip onto the contacts. It's also possible for the pod to lead onto the contacts, which can prevent the pod from getting recognised.

 For the SMOK Nord, if there light around, the firing key glows white when the device recognises the pod. That's a good place to start checking. Check if the contact points at the top and bottom of the pod are dry.

New coil or pod - If drying the contact points doesn’t get the job done, you might want to try a new coil kit or pod to check if that solves the problem.

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Leaking air holes

Most SMOK tanks have a top-fill design to reduce instances of spilling. But, the conniving juice can still find ways to leak out of the air vents or other openings.

How to fix

Keep your vape upright - If you vape when holding the mod at an angle, it’s more likely to leak. It gets worse when the mod is on its side. Keep the mod at an upright position at all times. When you’re not using the vape, keep the vents closed.

Check the seals - Loose and worn-out seals and o-rings could be the cause of all this mayhem. Check to make sure the seals, O-rings and glass piece are tightened to seal any spaces.

Increase wattage - If everything checks out, but your vape is still leaking, the flow of the liquid may be too high compared to the rate of vaporisation. A simple trick to counter this is to increase the wattage. Just be careful not to exceed the recommended settings.

New coils have a burnt taste

You need to replace your coils every few weeks. Wasted coils carry a burnt taste that can wreak havoc to your tastebuds.

How to fix

After replacing the coil, you might notice the burnt taste almost immediately. If that’s the case.

Prime the coils - One of the leading causes of the burnt taste in new coils is inadequate priming. You have to let the coil saturate with vape juice and let it soak for a few minutes. You should take a few dry puffs before firing the device.

High settings - SMOK coils have a recommended wattage. You will often find it printed on the side. The output setting on the mod should match this. Also, taking breaks between vaping can help the coil to catch up and soak up enough e-liquid before you draw.

Defective coils – If nothing seems to be working, then the only logical explanation is that the coil is faulty.

‘No Coil’ error message

SMOK mods have a unique feature designed to prevent firing the device without a coil. You might get the warning even when the coil is attached.

How to fix

Screwing coil properly – It possible you did not securely screw coil properly. Make sure the coil is tightly in place and attempt firing again.

Poor 510 connection – The 510 connector connects the tank to the mod. If the connection is not established, the device will also not fire. Tightening the tank can help establish the connection. If it doesn’t work, make sure you check the connection for dirt.

Screen won’t turn on

The display screen on your SMOK mod is an essential tool. It displays vital information through the vaping session. Without it, the device might not work properly. There are several issues that could cause the screen to fail.

How to fix

Stealth mode – If the device is operating in stealth mode, the screen will not light up. You can deactivate this by pressing the firing button three times quickly.

These are some of the challenges you're most likely to face when using a SMOK mod. Luckily all of them have easy fixes that don't take much time. If for some reason, you believe the mod is faulty, you can get in touch directly with SMOK or your supplier for further instructions.

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Michael Amos

My D barrel has its tank that WILL NOT COME OFF. It spins and no matter what I do I can’t get it to catch a thread on the 510 and unscrew. This is compounded by the way the screws are hidden under the tank so I can not get a apart to attack the problem from underneath… Any thoughts?


My i priv turns on then off and says check device any suggestions